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Mine’s Meeting 2012: Come Visit the Legendary Mine’s Workshop

January 11th, 2012

Mines 2012 Nissan GT-R

No doubt that many of our readers have already all set to attend Tokyo Auto Salon which begins tomorrow. Many of you may be sticking around after the show to do a little sightseeing or enjoy your Japanese vacation. Mine’s let me know that, as usual their annual Mine’s Meeting event will be held this year from January 14th – January 21st 2012.

Mine’s has asked me to let our English speaking friends know that if you do want to visit, why not send them a quick note to let them know in advance so they can organize to have English speaking staff onsite:

While in Japan for the period of the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon from Jan 14 – Jan 21 all customers/fans are more than welcome to visit our shop in Yokosuka and see first hand where our work is done. To make your visit worthwhile we would like to prepare an English speaker for your visit and request that you give us notice beforehand by E-mail to the account below so we can make arrangements.

If you do get along, say hi to the guys from me!

Link: Mine’s Website (English)
Link: Tokyo Autosalon Website


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GTRBlog Holidays and End of Year Downtime

December 14th, 2010

GTRBlog End of Year 2010

Hey readers, I don’t often do this but I had to have a little break from the site to enjoy an end of year vacation. Yes GTRBlog went for the longest time since 2007 without an update! I feel so shocked at how long it’s been since I posted.

Good news is that the GT-R scene didn’t stop and while I’m sure you’ve all been keeping busy with NAGTROC to fill your GT-R internet quotas I’ve got a number of stories to catch up on.

Thanks for continuing to check back – I see that the stats are still strong for our little blog here and that people I meet out and about at car meets etc still know exactly who I am. That always surprises me!

While the big vacation is over for me I still have a lot of Christmas parties to attend as I’m sure you do.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and stay tuned for more GT-R News in 2010 and into the new year!

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GTRBlog and GT-R Skyline Hoodies


If your looking for something to keep you warm this winter (you southern hemispherians anyway), then look no further! The guys over at in conjunction with GTRBlog, Nismo & Motul have developed a Skyline GT-R Hoodie. Printed on a high quality light weight Gildan brand hoodie,

There are only around 100 left in stock and are priced at $69 (AUD) + delivery so make sure you get in asap!

Link: GTRBlog GT-R Skyline Hoodies @


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April 11th, 2010

Thanks to our friends in Japan, the GT-R Owners Club and the GTR-SNS, we’ve now gone live in Japanese on local Japan based servers to provide the best and most up to date news and information on the world of the Nissan GT-R!

The two sites will be delayed mirrors content wise but be also providing original and localised content written by Japanese enthusiasts and bloggers. This will also give us an even bigger leg up in getting out GTRBlog English readers the latest news out of Japan. Something we always strive to improve.

So hitup the link below to get your daily dose of GT-R news in Japanese!

Link: – Your Source for Nissan GT-R News (日本語)


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Xin Nian Kuai Le – Happy Chinese New Year from GTRBlog!

February 14th, 2010

Today’s the first day of the new lunar year so if you’re in many parts of Asia you’ve probably been celebrating and spending time with family and trading red packets profusely. It also means a few days off work for many and if that’s you then have a great holiday!

Anyways, have a Happy New Year from and to celebrate check out some of the tight circuit action from KC Racing’s R35 GT-R at Macau Road Sport Challenge late last year!

Gong xi fa cai!

Link: KC Racing Website

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Happy Australia Day GT-R Lovers

January 26th, 2010

Australia Day, celebrated the 26th of January every year is the best day of the year to get out in the back yard with a case of beer and fire up the BBQ in the stinking summer heat. It got up to about 40 something Celsius today but fortunately it’s also a public holiday so we don’t need to go to work.

Anyways, lets celebrate Australia Day with some fine pics of a Aussie GT-R! One of the finest in the country, we’re going to be looking out for this car in some upcoming tarmac rallys.


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Happy New Year from

January 1st, 2010

Happy new year guys, we’re going to take a day off for recovery after some serious eating and drinking and fireworks watching for 2010. The view above is pretty much what I was watching as the clock ticked over to 12:00 1st January 2010 in Sydney Australia.

As a small token of appreciation I gathered up a few photos I’ve taken in 2009 and uploaded some highres ones for desktops or what have you.

Thanks for supporting us over the last 12 months and keep checking back for much more GT-R news in the years to come!

– Kris @ GTRBlog

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SpeedForSale Offer Holiday Savings for GTRBlog Readers

December 19th, 2009

Jeremy from SpeedForSale has extended our readers a discount offer for the holiday period! If you order ANY GT-R aftermarket parts online at and mention this promotion in the order they’ll take 3% off! This offer is available until the 15th of January 2010 so you have time to get your orders in.

On top of that, they’ve also launched a few awesome brake upgrade packages for the GT-R. The first package is a AMS Rotor, Carbotech pad and MOTUL Brake Fluid pack specifically for your street driven GT-R. It comes with the following:

  • AMS Max Slot front rotors (hats optional)
  • AMS Max Slot rear rotors (hats are optional)
  • Carbotech Bobcat 1521 Front Pads
  • Carbotech Bobcat 1521 Rear Pads
  • SFS Spec D.O.T. approved stainless steel braided lines
  • 2x bottles of Motul RBF600 brake fluid

All up it’s around the $1999 mark including free shipping, but less if you apply the GTRBlog coupon!

They also have a track oriented package featuring AP Racing J-Hook rotor replacements with pads and fluids for $3000 (again before GTRBlog coupon savings).

Head on over to SpeedForSale to take advantage of the savings and read up more information.

Link: – GT-R Street Brake Upgrade Package
Link: – GT-R Track Brake Upgrade Package


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Nissan GT-R All Dubai’d Out with Chrome Wrap

November 14th, 2009


It’s only being defined as a saying on Autoblog a couple days back but we already have an example of a Nissan GT-R that exactly fits the bill of “All Dubai’d Out”.

This GT-R owner in the UK has applied the most eyecatching wrap possible to his previously tasty looking white R35. The process he says was more complex than the average wrap and more expensive as well.

It doesn’t look as bad as I imagined really but I definately preferred the white…

Source: GTR UK Forums


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GTRBlog: Road Trip and Update

October 30th, 2009


Sorry for the lack of updates over the past 3 or 4 days, I’ve actually been on vacation in the USA leading up to SEMA which kicks off in just a few days. I took some time in San Francisco to check out the sites and had no internet access for a while as I visited Yosemite National Park.

I then met up with Chuck from NAGTROC and headed down California Highway 1 (Pacific Coast Highway) for a scenic drive to LA.

Since then I’ve been visiting some workshops and GT-R owners in the Los Angeles area to check out their SEMA entries and am happy to say you guys are going to love whats coming.

So I finally have internet access as I’ve just done the last leg of the road trip from LA to Vegas and checked in so expect another update later tonight when I get the chance to properly nerd out.

Thanks to all who emailed me over the past week and I expect to return emails soon.


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