AMS Performance: AMS Alpha12 GT-R Updates

April 8th, 2011

It’s been an interesting couple of months for the AMS Performance crew. The culmination of a lot of hard work has seen the AMS Alpha 12 GT-R see a lot of results, especially in Texas. The TX2K11 Nationals event in March saw the Alpha 12 GT-R owned by Tim Sander’s show off it’s muscle to take the first place in the Dyno Comp GT-R Class with 1069 awhp.

In the days that followed they continued to push the GT-R to the limits and at the drag strip came away with another new record – a 9.1 @ 159mph pass. Despite the tune not being fully ironed out the Alpha 12 is still the quickest GT-R around.

There’s quite a lot of other GT-R happenings over at AMS’s blog and there’s more records lined up to fall soon. Two Alpha 12 GT-Rs are getting set to run the Moscow Unlimited event coming up in September. This year it seems the GT-R crowd wont be satisfied with second place in Moscow as it was in 2010.

Looking forward to hearing more as the Alpha12 gets closer to fully tuned. You can find out more from AMS at the links below!

Link: AMS Alpha GT-R Website
Link: AMS Performance Website

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  1. 959 owner
    | #1

    BEAUTIFUL with the spoiler delete…

    Bugatti can’t touch this

  2. Nick
    | #2

    OK, I don’t really get this, the alpha 10 also had a 9.1 but 4 mph faster!?

  3. | #3

    Man I love this video!

  4. | #4

    this is pretty cool ive seen for Nissan. i really love this video. hoping to have this kind of Alpha 12 GT-R.

  5. panos
    | #5

    japan power!!!

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