Widebody GT-Rs Part II: Abflug

April 7th, 2011

In the last post, we brought you the new widebody aero from Axell Auto.  In this next installment of GT-R Blog’s feature on widebody GT-Rs, we have the second wide aero kit that debuted at TAS 2011.

This second kit comes from Abflug, a Japanese tuner renowned for their creative and revolutionary aero designs.  Their GT-R kit keeps that reputation alive with its large-mouth front bumper, wide blister fenders and R8-style ducting in the rear bumper.

The “kit” is currently being sold piece-by-piece, with FRP and carbon variations, depending on the part.  Also available is a new high-mount rear wing that replaces the OEM wing, but retains the side base mounts.

For more photos of the car and information regarding all the individual pieces, please visit Abflug’s website.

Link: Abflug Website

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  1. 959 owner
    | #1

    looks like they tried mating it with an Audi—fail

  2. AlekhineZ
    | #2

    What are these designers thinking? That looks hideous.

  3. Nissangt-r
    | #3

    I like the idea but still can’t stop thinking the rear view is just like Audi R8

    NissanGT-R fan

  4. | #4

    Love the photos in your post.

  5. | #5

    I agree the rear view does look just like an Audi R8

  6. | #6

    If it hadn’t these R8-like grills at the back, it’d look nice

  7. | #7

    This is one of the great blog post. I like your writing style. I appreciate your efforts. Keep posting some more interesting blog posts.

  8. | #8

    Hmm, kind of reminds me of an R8, though a GTR is a GTR 🙂

  9. | #9

    I really question as to why you titled this particular blog, “Nissan
    GT-R News – GTRBlog.com | Widebody GT-Rs Part II:
    Abflug”. Regardless I adored the post!Many thanks-Evelyn

  1. | #1
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