2012 Nissan GT-R Posts Amazing 0 – 62 Mph Time

November 16th, 2010

A few days ago we saw a teaser video of Nissan testing the new GT-R out at Sendai Highland racetrack in Japan. Nissan was in attendance in full force including Chief Engineer for the GT-R project Kazutoshi Mizuno-san.

The testing was focussed on one thing, off-the-line acceleration of the new DBA-R35 GT-R and determining what will be the official 0 – 100km/h (0 – 62 mph) time.

Above is the finally posted results video and with a track temp of just 13 degrees C (55.4 degrees F) and utilising the upgraded and tweaked new launch control featured on the DBA-R35, the GT-R reeled off a 3.046s run to 62 mph as measured by a V-Box measuring device.

To put that in perspective it is quicker than not only the new Porsch 911.2 Turbo it’s quicker than what Porsche rates their own 911 Turbo S special edition.

Not content with a three second flat 0-62mph, during analysis of the run afterwards, Mizuno mentions that with a warmer track temp and hence, warmer, stickier tyre contact, the new GT-R could very well dip into the 2.9’s.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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  1. Ken
    | #1

    I was like, oh okay, it’s not that fast off the line…. HOLY SHIT

  2. gdzilla
    | #2


    Porsche… enjoy the view!!!!!!!

  3. mommagumma
    | #3

    Bye bye Porsche
    You re behind GTR forever. hahaha

  4. 959 owner
    | #4

    an $80k Veyron

  5. Kent
    | #5

    “There’s definitely sand here!”

    I love him.

  6. david
    | #6

    Porsche under rate their cars.

    the Turbo S has been tested at 2.9 and 6.6 to 160

    bad luck Nissan,

  7. 959 owner
    | #7


    BASE PRICE: $160,050–$171,150
    Zero to 60 mph: 2.9 sec
    Standing ¼-mile: 10.9 sec
    Top speed (drag limited): 195 mph


    GTR > 911

  8. EvolutionVII
    | #8

    The Turbo S time has been tested under warmer conditions right. Nissan will break the 3s barrier.

  9. | #9

    Indeed. Further to the value equation, C&D just estimated that 2.9 second value they didn’t test it.

    Also, that is a 0-60mph time while the GT-R’s 3.046s time is to 62 mph. Sure not much different but its not the same test.

    See the GT-R go on a warmer day to 60mph and we’ll see how apples compare to apples.

    Either way, the GT-R shouldn’t really be aimed at the Turbo S it should just nicely beat the Turbo to meet its goals. Which it does.

  10. Tim Holmes
    | #10

    This 2012 Nissan GT-R is simply “Awesome”! Really liked your post.
    I would like to share with you all an equally amazing video about driving simulators. Click on this link to view http://clients.ccm-news.com/?client=Mercedes-Benz. Keep posting, Cheers!!

  11. david
    | #11

    colder is faster for the turbo’s

    it’s not losing grip to a colder track imho.

    So imho warmer will be slower.

  12. goliath
    | #12

    I think you are mixing cold air with cold track. Cold air is good, but not a cold track. Plus, this is a sprint; traction off the line is far more important. Imagine a car with poor traction but it has very good/cold air. It’s wheel will spin, due to it’s great power (according to your logic), and it will not be very fast to 60 at all.@david

  13. ALLDAY
    | #13


  14. Jayne Cobb
    | #14

    Nissan … You have to love the zeal and spirit of Nissan GTR engineering. A 3.046 to 62 mph is phenomenal – there are no competitors in the $85,000 price range that come close (Sorry Ariel Atom, you’re not a real car).

    What is astonishing about the GTR is how accessible all the performance is. It is one thing to make an insanely fast car – It is quite another thing to make it a USABLE and (reasonably) SAFE car. Holy Shit the world is over – Nissan is making the best car on earth.

  15. david
    | #15

    went to the UK Vmax and a standard 911 Turbo S had a 650BHp GTR upto about 120MPh

    Porsche wins 🙂

  16. bt
    | #16

    i see a troll under a bridge, anyways good job nissan. love the gtr. now i want them to make a super car ala ferrari style, which is not mass produced(i know the gtr isn’t massed produced but i mean limited run)

  17. scoptic
    | #17

    hey love the gtr…..

  18. 911king
    | #18

    loooool some guys are really stupid still thinkin’ that nissan is faster than porsche lool.. that would never happen so don’t worry fellas!! And by the way don’t forget to hire a couple of nissan engineers to clean the sand of your GT-R when u go for a 0-62 or 1/4 mile run loool

  19. | #19

    I love how the Porsche lovers keep fighting to the end, even tho they already lost and the fact is here

  20. | #20

    Road & Track tested a 911 Turbo S. 0-60 in 2.6 seconds and 1/4 mile in 10.7. Good luck getting the GTR to do that. Simple power to weight at work. Both cars are rated at 530HP but the Turbo S is 300lbs lighter. What part of F=MA don’t you understand?

  21. Spyderfun
    | #21

    I currently own a 2007 Mercedes SLK55 and 2011 Porsche Boxster Spyder with PDK. The Boxster Spyder is absolute blast to drive either at the track or as a daily driver. However, after numerous times at the Sebring raceway driving against/riding in cars such as the Audi R8,Corvette ZR1, 2010 Porsche GT3,2010 GT3 RS, Ferrari F430, and 2011 Nissan GTR, with highly regarded drivers the car that continues to amaze me is the Nissan GTR. The GTR is an absolutely amazing car at any price point but throw in a price tag of $85k you have the best car SMART MONEY can buy which explains why a good friend who owns a 2010 GT3 RS just purchased the 2011 GTR. As someone who appreciates a fine sports car no matter who makes it I applaud Nissan for this engineering masterpiece and actually having the balls to build this car. My SLK55 is a goner and I have paid my deposit for the 2012 GTR.

  22. | #22

    Simply amazing

  23. old man
    | #23

    i really do love the gtr,…but have to break the bad news to all you guys,…unfortunatly for you gtr lovers,…no-0ne is really buying this thing,…i heard recently that they are now down to selling 46 of these a month now in the u.s,…which i guess would be their largest market?,…if that is the case,…i don’t see much of a future for this gtr,…at least not a 60 year future,…ala porsche,…i think the sad fact for nissan is that these cars are way too expensive for the lack of prestige rich buyers want for their bucks,…porsche is perceived as a luxury and performance marque,…whereas nissan just performance with their gtr,…truly think the gtr is an amazing car,…but porsche sells over 500 911’s a month versus 46?!,…i think we know who REALLY has won that battle, don’t we?,..

  24. Jacks
    | #24

    @old man If you are right, it says more about the American buyer than the product…

  25. engineer
    | #25

    @John Chow…..as a physics major myself….you are an idiot.

  26. Me
    | #26

    @John Chow
    what part you didnt understand… base price of a gtr = 90000$ vs 160000$ for a 991 turbo PDK. 70 000$ of mod in the gtr and now you can compare price for price cars

  27. bt
    | #27

    lot of haters here saying gtr is better or porsche is better, it doesn’t matter and is a matter of opinion.
    both are good cars in their own right. gtr is a car to promote the nissan brand worldwide i think it does its job well. porsche will always sell alot and usa is their target market not europe go figure.

  28. Crondy
    | #28




  29. | #29

    Looks like the coolest job ever. The launch is so smooth!

  30. Paul Summers
    | #30

    2012 GTR still a reliability nightmare 2012 Targa Wrest Point. No GTR finished the complete rally !!!
    Quinn in new R35 had ABS problems day 1 then retired Day 2 with gearbox gone. Purdey did a gearbox in R35 2010 and Sims had an off day one and plagued with mechanical. R34 beat them all as did Lambo, TTRS RX8, Corvette and Richo in GT 2 RS
    R35 nice at the drags and to go to the shops but noooo good as a comp vehicle unless you have a spare !,

  1. | #1
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