Auzrun November 2010 – Steve Jones to Pilot Japanese Cop Car R35 in Aussie Rally

November 15th, 2010

Japanese Police GT-R Auzrun 2010

Having started in 2008, the Auzrun Lifestyle Rally is the first of it’s kind in Australia. Similar to what is known in Europe and the US as the Gumball events, the Auzrun is a 5 day long non-competitive drive event where drivers from all over Australia and the world will stretch their vehicle’s legs around south eastern quarter of Australia.

The rally begins in Sydney today and all manner of supercars, musclecars, tuner cars and character cars will be heading south to Melbourne where they will make their first stop. As in the Gumball, every stop is a party so drivers are set to have a massive week ahead of them. After Melbourne the cars will next stop in Torquay before finishing up in Adelaide, South Australia.

For the November 2010 Auzrun, Steve Jones with sponsor McDonalds will be entering the Fabcar 2009 GT-R in full Japanese police car mock livery put together by sponsor GT Graphics. Thanks to Josh @ Sixfour Skate, one of the car’s other sponsors, we have these scoop photos of the car before it heads out tonight. The car also sports some massive ADV1 21″ wheels thanks to ADV1 – they are 21″x10 up front and 21″x13 in the rear wrapped with tyres provided thanks to Tech9 Tyres.

This is not the first time readers here will have been introduced to Steve Jone. He claimed back to back victories in the Quit Targa West in 2008 and 2009 in a Nissan GT-R, he was also the youngest competitor to ever win the event at all in 2008.

Josh also plans to document the trip with photos and video so we look forward to hearing about the event from him as it happens! Have fun out there guys!

Link: Auzrun Website

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  1. Ganzi
    | #1

    The first latter from the left on the spoiler is upside down…

  2. Mike
    | #2

    Nice defect notice haha… 160k car with a yellow sticker 😛

  3. | #3

    This car looks so good and I think it is so fast. I hope it’s driver will win the race.

  4. | #4

    Would not wanna see that behind me.

  5. spike
    | #5

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  6. | #6

    No one will gonna have a change against that car.

  7. | #7

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