AMS Alpha GT-Rs In Record Breaking Territory Again: 9.1 @ 163 mph and More

October 22nd, 2010

Forget everything you read about Nissan GT-R quarter mile records because AMS just went and rewrote the book. They not only just smashed their own quarter mile ET record but they blew up the current Mph record as well.

With time to tweak the car since the first 9.33 second outing back in early October the guys took the car back to the track and managed a best time of 9.192 at 163.12 mph. Over two tenths quicker and a full 10 mph faster down the strip than their previous Alpha-10 best time. A serious improvement and seriously closer to 8 seconds.

Not content with just setting the outright quarter mile records all in one day they also went on to break the pump gas R35 quarter mile record in the Alpha-9 package GT-R. The Alpha-9 GT-R is the Nissan GT-R to dip into the 9’s on pump gas with a 9.95 ET @ 141.01 mph.

One of the best things about the AMS’s Alpha GT-Rs isn’t related to how damn fast they are but how streetable they remain with all that grunt under the hood. After running 9’s in the Alpha-9 the guys will begin an epic cross USA roadtrip beginning in Chicago, driving through Colorado and Nevada and ending up in SoCal. Over 2,000 miles of cross country driving with a full writeup expected. Check the video below for a taste of the Alpha-10’s daily drivability…

AMS Nissan GT-R Alpha 10 Package

Acceleration that leaves you breathless. Speed like nothing you have experienced. A power package that will leave any Super Car in its wake.

Over Twice The Horsepower Of A Stock GT-R Yet Mild Mannered For Daily Driving

The AMS Alpha 10 package for the Nissan GT-R combines the stock like driveablity of the Nissan GT-R with 1100+ horsepower. Typically power like this comes at the cost of reliability and comfort. That is not the case with the Alpha 10 as every aspect of this package was fine tuned to allow for a true Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Your GT-R will go from mild mannered and streetable one moment to white knuckled power the next.


Link: AMS Alpha GT-R Website

Quality, Integrity, RESULTS

At AMS we back-up our packages with real-world results. In preliminary testing we shattered the World Record for Quickest and Fastest GT-R running a 9.3 @ 153mph in the quarter mile with a full weight street car. 0 to 150 MPH was reached in just under a quarter of a mile! Now that is performance that speaks volumes…

OEM Reliability Combined With Record Breaking Power

At the heart of the Alpha 10 package is the AMS Turbo System capable of over 1100 HP. In conjunction with the turbo system, all of the supporting Alpha Series components work in harmony to produce safe, reliable and consistent results. With this tried and true combination, we have successfully achieved unparalleled drivability, response and horsepower for your GT-R!

The Alpha 10 GTR Is Built Right The First Time

The stock VR38 engine is fortified with the best forged components available, balanced and blueprinted here at AMS. The transmission is prepared by with the latest Dodson and PPG components to offer piece of mind while packing more than twice the horsepower of a stock GT-R.

AMS Engineering Provides Perfect Stock Driveability That No One Else Can Offer

We are happy to report that the Alpha 10 packages perform flawlessly in all transmission settings and have ZERO drivability compromises. No limp modes or rough driveability problems that plague other high horsepower GT-R’s. Our perfectly re-scaled custom AMS MAF Sensors allow us to run a properly designed intake setup with no restriction to HP and also allow us to make the car drive like stock.

Record Setting Power for Your Street Car

This is the same kit used to power the record setting R35 GT-R ¼ mile pass of 9.33 @ 153.24 MPH!! Now you can be the fastest car on the street or the track with the AMS Alpha 10 Package! Not even a Superbike or the Bugatti Veyron can come close to the performance of an Alpha 10 GT-R!!

Proper Installation For The Best Results

To ensure proper installation we recommend the AMS Alpha 10 package be installed here in house at AMS or at an authorized AMS dealer. For a quote on installation or transportation costs please feel free to contact us.

Exclusive Features

  • 1100+ HP; over TWICE the horsepower of a stock GT-R
  • Proven to perform with real-world results; 9 second quarter mile times at 150+ mph
  • Big power gains with unparalleled drivability and response
  • OEM like fit and finish
  • 2 AMS custom tunes incorporating hundreds of testing hours for pump and race fuels
  • 110% gain in horsepower with stock-like drivability

Kit Includes

  • AMS Alpha 10 Turbo System
  • Balanced and Blueprinted VR38 AMS Race Engine
  • AMS Alpha 10 Transmission by Sheptrans Upgraded with Dodson and PPG components
  • AMS 90mm Downpipes (catalytic converters available)
  • AMS 90mm Resonated Mid-pipe (race version available)
  • AMS 90mm Race Exhaust Upgrade
  • AMS Front Mount Intercooler Upgrade
  • AMS 76mm High-Flow Intercooler Piping
  • HKS Blow Off Valves
  • AMS Accu-Flow Intake Piping
  • K&N Air Filters
  • AMS Turbo Inlet Pipes
  • AMS Upgraded MAF Sensors calibrated for perfect driveability
  • AMS spec. upgraded fuel injectors
  • AMS Alpha Series fuel system upgrades
  • Cobb AccessPORT tuning system
  • AMS calibration map dialed in for your car and conditions on both pump gas and race gas


  • 09 + Nissan R35 GT-R

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  1. don brown
    | #1

    Impressive. That’ll sure as hell get you to the market and the cleaners and back in record time.

  2. John W
    | #2

    Any plans to pit this up against a Veyron? Also to take one around the Nurburgring?

  3. | #3

    AMS calibration map dialed in for your car and conditions on both pump gas and race gas

  4. 959 owner
    | #4

    130 on a public road? rich dumb fuck

  5. Sndrsredneck
    | #5

    What broke @959 owner

  6. Sndrsredneck
    | #6

    What a broke mother fucker judging me ,you fucking idiot

  7. | #7

    Someone is claiming to own a 959 Porsche and then implies they have NOT driven it even 130 mph on public roads? Then they cop an attitude on someone who actually DRIVES their GT-R? Hmmm… few words come to mind: dubious, feeble, retarded…

  8. | #8

    This guys are just unstoppable, they smashed their own record, that takes some dedication.

  9. Matt
    | #9

    Don’t pay any attention to 959owner, he is an ignorant douche that trolls this blog with his drivel on a daily basis. He doesn’t own a 959, or any Porsche most likely and probably doesn’t get laid very much either.

    Congrats to AMS!

  10. 959 owner
    | #10

    @Matt, hate much?

    @Chris, if i had an accident, I would lose everything with lawsuits, save it for the track

  11. Matt
    | #11

    Not hating, just sick of your stupid posts I have to read every time I come on here to enjoy reading GTR news. Your knowledge of cars is dismal to say the least, nothing you post contributes to anything on here or conversation worth having, and anyone who chooses the name “959 owner” is either someone who wishes they had one or someone arrogant enough who does that picks a dipshit name like that in an attempt to feel superior to GTR lovers. My Spidey senses tell my first assumption is most likely correct, being that someone who can afford a car as rare as a 959 would have to be of higher intelligence, wealthy and have much better things to do than post replies like “130 on a public road, rich dumb fuck” on a GTR enthusiast blog. Being a claimed 959 owner, you would most likely fall into the rich, or even wealthy category of people (unless someone gave it to you), who wouldn’t use “rich dumb fuck” as an insult… those who are rich don’t insult others as rich, that’s usually reserved for haters who wish they were. Basically, you have given yourself away with your big mouth. Now do us all a favor and get the fuck off of here.

  12. 959 owner
    | #12

    @Matt, dude I have been reading this blog longer than you, I am not a GTR hater I actually owned 2 R34s while I was in Japan.

    You dont know me from adam, the fact you had the time and the effort to write a book about me is scary.

    get out of your moms basement

  13. Matt
    | #13

    How do you know you’ve been reading this blog longer than me? You can change your user name on every post if you want to, there are no member profiles genius. FYI: I own an R35 GTR, E63 AMG, X5M, and have a 458 Italia on order. I also own a 32′ Catamaran with twin Ilmor 625 V10s that does 131 mph, and tow it with a Ford F450. My user name isn’t “GTR.E63.X5M.458.F450.Spectre.owner”. I don’t live in a basement, we don’t have them in California, I live in my house, that I own also. I’m 29 years old and I am what you would call a “rich dumb fuck.”

    Post your email and I’ll send you a link to my facebook so you can see for yourself. Who’s hating now? GFYS

  14. Godzilla35
    | #14

    um Matt and 959 owner need to chill…

    to AMS… you guys are amazing. Between the Alpha and the SP cars… you guys sure make it hard to stay within sane speeds that’s forsure.

    and I know I’m going to lose major cool points for asking this, but what’s the $$$ damage? and does it absolutely kill mpg?

  15. 959 owner
    | #15

    @ Godzilla, thank you! nothing is more juvenille than rants on the internet

  16. Howard
    | #16

    @Matt you have every right to be defensive against 959. s/he is plagued by what you call green eye envy. hypocrites are the worse. I be honest I speed on public roads and occasionally run orange lights if I think I can make it. It’s like being a green peace advocate and not being vegetarian. Practice what you preach, 959 i doubt is anything but saintly & that was concluded by s/he typical and ill choice of words to describe the affluent yet strident. Godzilla35 when people are having a disagreement stay out of it because next time when you’re caught in one I’m sure you like to settle it properly instead of being interrupted.

  17. jessyD
    | #17

    Haha @959 complete idiot especially when the writing of 130mph was superimposed rather then real time visual of the tacho and the road in one video shot.

  18. 959 owner
    | #18

    @ Howard, are you trying to “win” an internet argument? i mean c’mon, really.

    @jessyd? 130 was what the guy said, watch the video, and get a man’s name

  19. Howard
    | #19

    @959 I’m not the one who initiate the tension by a hypocritical comment. I wouldn’t go as far, sinking low to your level but you are quite the ‘959 loser’. Don’t waste other peoples time and effort by trolling around on sites. Do something productive & sign up for squashed volksVagen beetles Nuttzi members. The comment you left for Jessy that’s funny because if the driver said 160mph you still believe it.

  20. 959 owner
    | #20

    @Howard, ok you win! now all you got to do is move out of your mom’s basement and find a girl!

  21. Howard
    | #21

    @959 Loser, ok you lose, now take your little toy model car that you apparently own and shove it up your arse and post it on youtube sooki.

  22. 959 owner
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    watch your language young man, your mom might be in the next room!

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