Switzer R1K GT-R Smashes Into the 9 Second Club With a Record Mph Pass

October 14th, 2010

It’s the season for it, record breaking R35 GT-R quarter mile times that is. Switzer have joined in the fun after some serious R&D to see how their latest R1K package will perform at the drag strip.

“Damn well” was the result as they reeled off a 9.38 best ET at 155.29 mph. Enough to bump heads with the Alpha-10 GT-R by AMS Performance. They had the track to themselves so kept at it and took home a record for the day’s work for fastest mph for an R35 GT-R at 156.44 mph.

This Mph time is just a tad over 3 mph quicker than the AMS 9.33second ET recorded just the other day and shows the R1K certainly has the muscle to clock some faster times.

Massive effort to get this far from team Switzer so congratulations to them on the R1K’s performance and hope to see it out again breaking more records and dipping ever closer to the 8 second mark.

Link: Switzer Performance Innovation Website
Source: NAGTROC Discussion Thread

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  1. 959 owner
    | #1

    weird, another 9 sec car without the rear deck spoiler

  2. Matt
    | #2

    less drag = faster 1/4 mile. hardly weird.

  3. 959 owner
    | #3

    then all dragsters would have no spoilers?


  4. Matt
    | #4

    Someone who claims to own a Porsche 959 should be intelligent enough to understand that this car isn’t a “dragster”, its a street legal sports car that can do a very fast 1/4 mile relatively speaking. No, a rear spoiler isn’t necessary to run a 1/4 mile unless you are doing an insanely fast time; under 7 seconds. There are many muscle cars doing 8 sec passes and faster that have no rear wing either (parachutes maybe). A wing is used for aerodynamic stability in high speed cornering, braking, and to keep the car planted at extremely high speeds while running in a straight line (over !80mph). A wing on this GTR would only add weight and unnecessary down-force that would slow it down in a 1/4 mile.

  5. 959 owner
    | #5


    fuck you, friend

  6. Matt
    | #6

    Uh oh, looks like I struck a nerve! LOL, don’t hate me cause you made an ignorant comment. Maybe you can post a pic of yourself flipping me the bird with your 959 you don’t have. Why don’t you Wikipedia “Dragster” while your searching for a 959 picture to photoshop yourself into.

  7. | #7

    “Weird, a dragster without a rear deck spoiler…” LOL..

    This car isn’t a dragster, its just a running a 1/4 mile.

    There are dragsters that run 4 sec quarter miles and dragsters that run 9 second quarter miles. You think they should all have the same equipment? Maybe they should all cut 10 holes in their ABS rear bumpers like all the honda civic hatches running around my neighborhood?

    Sport compact cars running 9s in a straight line don’t need wings…

  8. Godzilla35
    | #8

    this launch looks a little more violent than the Alpha though to achieve the same results, someone correct me if i’m wrong.

  9. | #9

    I think this is the best car ever. It looks so good and it is so fast. You’re right Godzilla35

  1. | #1
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