AMS Nissan GT-R Alpha Performance Upgrade Packages

September 13th, 2010

Looks like AMS Performance are readying a range of new performance packages for the Nissan GT-R under their new Alpha brand. The Alpha 6 and 9 packages are already available on their website along with a new video showing just what the Alpha 9 is capable of on pump gas.

Featured in the video below is the Alpha 9 package described by AMS as such:

The AMS Alpha 9 package for your Nissan GTR offers the most reliable bolt-on horse power available and we have the 9 second time slips to back it up. This package offers stock-like turbo spool up while boosting power output to an astounding 900 horsepower on race gas and 800 on pump gas.

That pump gas horsepower is good to get you 10.1 @ 138 down the quarter mile. That’s a confirmed 9 sec quarter on race gas. This is all done while maintaining the OEM finish and using only the best quality parts.

For full package details, dyno charts, and pricing, head over to the links below…

Link: Alpha GT-R Website
Link: AMS Alpha Packages

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  1. BaySideBlueBoy
    | #1

    Can’t wait on the AMS Alpha 12 pack. Let me guess, 1200 AWHP @ 6200 rpm on RON98… In Nordschleife (Germany) it’s even possible to get RON108 at the local pump. B-)

  2. Nissan Lease
    | #2

    Not surprised coming from AMS, they always go big. Thing sounds nasty.

  3. | #3

    That thing does sound nasty I wonder what the handling is like around its full boost

  4. Adrian_245
    | #4

    Well, that’s nothing compare to this:

    First GT-R with 1005 AWHP

  5. 959 Owner
    | #5

    lil baby Bugatti

  6. | #6

    Switzer doesn’t really compare because they never take cars to a track. You can make a dyno say anything you want but real life is what counts.

  7. Adrian_245
    | #7

    Are you sure?
    Because Switzer won the moscow unlim this year, from the 1st to 4th place was for switzer:

    1. Andrew Porsche 997 TT Switzer P800 – 26,127 sek. 313,04 km / timmen. Gummi Toyo R888
    2. Juryn Nissan GTR Switzer R850 – 26,141 sek. 314,41 km / timmen. Rubber & Hoosier R6
    3. Oleg Nissan GTR Switzer R850 – 26,143 sek. 317,46 km / timmen. Gummi Pirelli PZero
    4. Jury Nissan GTR Switzer R850 – 26,163 sekunder. 316,06 km / timmen. Gummi Pirelli PZero
    4th Yury Switzer R850 Silver GTR
    5th 9FF 997TT AWD GT2 1000
    6th Dimitry Switzer 997TT R750 VTG Tiptronic Porsche–rZ95lk

    Or what type of track do you mean?

  8. | #8

    Moscow unlimited is not a 1/4 mile drag strip and none of the cars represented there are the R1K package. It’s great that switzer’s customers are doing this in Moscow but it’s not the same thing as running 9’s.

  9. 959 owner
    | #9

    Kris, does AMS advertise here and not Switzer? just askin

  10. | #10

    @959 owner
    None of these shops advertise here unfortunately.

  11. 959 owner
    | #11

    k, thanks

  12. | #12

    They should make a v12 twin turbo gtr alpha 12 that would be the monster car of the yea a v12 gtr would destroy any cars

  13. | #13

    I can really say that this car is really fast. With the way they upgraded this car I hope this does not disappoint me in terms of performance.

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