2012 Nissan R35 GT-R Details Continue to Leak Prior to Late 2010 Official Launch – Spec-M Details Inside

August 24th, 2010

As we learn more about the upcoming model refresh we’re surprised again at how much Nissan is changing. The car changes so much in fact that the model designator is changing too, so long CBA-R35 – meet the DBA-R35.

The DBA-R35 is available in a truly astonishing number of variaties, more than we probably thought we’d see just 3 years ago when the CBA-R35 first launched. With the 2012 model comes updates to the Spec-V Nissan GT-R as well. It receives all of the cosmetic frills that will even further compliment with it’s range topping hardware underpinnings. As predicted though it is no longer the most most expensive street GT-R money can buy as, with the right options ticked, the new 2012 Spec-M ultra luxury Nissan GT-R edges it out in some ways.

What we can tell by the information that’s been leaked to us so far is the Spec-M will command a high price tag after all. I was hoping that rumors to the contrary were true and that the Spec-M would be priced sort of closer to the Premium GT-R ballpark but it winds up being more like SpecV ballpark. Let’s compare the pricing below for the known current and 2012 variants of the Nissan DBA-R35 GT-R:

DBA-R35 Model Pricing in Japan (yen)
Pure Edition 8,694,000
Black Edition 9,303,000
Premium Edition 9,450,000
Club Track Edition 10,479,000 (plus member fees etc)
SpecM 15,000,300
SpecV 15,750,000
S-Tec GT-R (ST1) 23,000,000 (approx)

You can see that the smallest of options is going to bump that Spec-M price over the Spec-V and we still don’t have a list of hardware inclusions in the Spec-M to justify it. What we do know is:

  • The official name for the Spec-M is not final, whether it is called the Spec-M at launch is yet to be decided
  • Official announcement of the Spec-M is scheduled for 18th October 2010
  • Official launch will take place at Nissan HQ in Yokohama on 17th November 2010
  • One new exclusive body color – Ultimate Opal White (QAG color code)
  • Interior color choices are wild, see the below list of color choices.

Interior Color Choices for Spec-M:
Lower Section:

  • Muelheim Brown
  • GT Black
  • R-Red
  • Ruhr White
  • Caramel Beige
  • Espresso Brown
  • Cointreau Orange
  • Aqua Gray
  • Shadow Gray
  • Sakura

Upper Section:

  • Muelheim Brown
  • GT Black
  • R-Red
  • Ruhr White

Stiching Colors:

  • Brown
  • Black
  • Red
  • White
  • Gray
  • Beige

Could Spec-M Really Have an Interior This Wild? Photoshop of potential Sakura seats.

As mentioned above, with the Spec-M will launch with a new color, Ultimate Opal White (a 525,000 yen option btw) but you can get one in any of the following body colors:

  • Ultimate Metal silver (KAB)
  • Ultimate Opal White (QAG)
  • Nebula Opal Black (GAG)
  • Vibrant Red (A54)
  • Dark Metal Gray (KAD)
  • Aurora Flare Blue Pearl (RAY)

As far as option packages go, we don’t have all the details there, suffice to say interior color options are included in the Spec-M price tag as well as a BOSE sound system. However three levels of additional upgrade BOSE sound systems are available at a price tag of approximately 1,200,000 yen.

So that’s got you up to date with the Spec-M details. We’ll be keeping our ear to the ground for more as it comes in but I for one am keen to see how a Sakura colored interior will look in a GT-R…

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  1. | #1

    better yet, why don’t they just offer a sakura body color?

  2. | #2

    Pink. Pink. Really? Pink? illPayne will be all over it.

  3. GTRaddict
    | #3

    Sakura seats: perhaps Elton John will be interested in GTR ?????
    Seriously, power and torque infos would be nice !

  4. Lexus Ben
    | #4

    Does this means we’re not gonna get Hakkone White in 2012? Noooo…… I really don’t care about the rest of the colour. New blue is cool and expected…but making a new white pearl exclusive to the Spec M… much like the Black opal in the Spec V makes me scratching my head more….. please leave the normal Hakkone white in the North American market….

  5. | #5

    @Sean Morris
    haha we already got confirmation from him yesterday that he can deal with pink.

  6. | #6

    @Lexus Ben
    Standard GT-R (Pure/Premium) will keep their 2010/2011 Brilliant White Pearl (QAB) in 2012. There will be 2 whites available on the GT-R simultaneously. QAB (std and SpecV only) and QAG (SpecM only)

  7. | #7

    No official power and torque figures leaked yet. But we do know its 520ps.

  8. Ken Ken
    | #8

    New GTR 2012:

    520ps/ 62.5kgm/f


    0-60mph = 3.2sec

  9. W0o0dy
    | #9

    the ST1 will probably be a “customer racing car”

    Read here…

  10. 1234
    | #10

    ridiculous prices for new versions.

    i would go for ferrari or lambo instead.

  11. mohd faizal
    | #11

    if nissan sell pink gtr..then my wife would buy 1 for her self. lol

  12. Ahmed
    | #12

    1234 :ridiculous prices for new versions.
    i would go for ferrari or lambo instead.

    listed prices are in Japanies YEN my dear friend .

  13. | #13

    @Ken Ken sok tahu

  14. | #14

    The 2012 Nissan GT-R
    545 hp
    600+ nm
    1750 kg
    0-100 kph in 2.9 seconds
    max speed 321 km/h

    ken ken sesat, jangan diikuti !!!!

  15. | #15

    makanya makan babi panggang

  16. | #16


  17. | #17

    babi panggang

  18. | #18

    nissan gt-r is copo

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