TopSecret Release Carbon Bumper Air Intake Ducts for Nissan GT-R

July 6th, 2010

Top Secret have launched a new product this week designed to improve cooling airflow to the intercooler / radiator. The GT-R’s front end, while aerodynamic, does leave something to be desired in the use of the surface area to great cooling effect. Understandably so too since Nissan had to fit a bumper reinforcement in there somewhere.

The aftermarket doesn’t need to be concerned with bumper reinforcement however so with some modification this bumper duct will direct air straight onto your cooling systems.

Priced at 65,100 yen for the half carbon version or 79,800 for the full carbon version, you can get in touch with your local Top Secret distributor for more info…

Link: Top Secret Website

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  1. Francoise
    | #1

    why is it so secret ???

  2. Aaron
    | #2

    Top secret is the tuning company’s name.

  3. Adrian_245
    | #3

    Francoise :
    why is it so secret ???

    LOL xD

  4. Bendoe
    | #4


    I like this one 🙂

  5. Dylan
    | #5

    this is a replica of a duct that came on certain mk3 Supra named the “Turbo-A”.. it’s been a popular modification for a long time. some 180sx owners have also used it without knowing this..

    IMO, the duct looks rather out of place on the R35.

  1. | #1
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