Nomuken Drifts the Blitz R35 GT-R – First Video

April 13th, 2010


Just picked up this video from what looks to be Nomuken’s first try at drifting the recently completed rear wheel drive, manual transmission sporting Blitz R35 GT-R. Jump to 2:20 mark if you want to skip over the getting to know you bits and get straight into the drifting.

I believe this is from Video Option Drift Tengoku DVD volume 56. For more, pickup your copy at your local Japanese bookstore.

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  1. advan
    | #1

    Wow, could get me back into watching D1GP series again

  2. james
    | #2

    but unfortunately, this probably has just become the worlds slowest GTR.

  3. advan
    | #3

    yes cos that makes sense have u seen that review of the two scion tc drift cars versus a stock GTR there a helll of allot faster douche

  4. toyo
    | #4

    i agree with advan how does making the GTR into a drift car make it the slowest GTR?

  5. nismo
    | #5

    @advan the tc’s kicked that gtr’s ass

  6. nismo
    | #6

    i agree with the both of you guys i don’t get how making the gtr drift make it slow

  7. Arpee
    | #7

    If you mean slower as in track times then it depends on the track. I do have to say though, the intelligent AWD system in the GT-R is what gives it amazing handling.

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