HKS Kansai Front Lip Spoiler for Nissan GT-R

March 3rd, 2010

Designed to improve the front stability and downforce, this new front lip spoiler from HKS Kansai is also pretty good looking in carbon fibre. It’s manufactured in wet carbon so it wont hit you too hard in the hip pocket either.

It’s available now from HKS Kansai distributors for about 81,000 yen in Japan.

Link: HKS Kansai Website

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    Is this confirmed made by Seibon?

  2. ttknf
    | #2

    Nobody has confirmed it yet, but there’s a very high percentage chance that it is. Seibon is in good with HKS Kansai (and everybody else for that matter), so it probably is them.

  3. GianTkilleR
    | #3

    I’m pretty sure this is made by HKS Kansai themselves. If it’s being sold as a HKS Kansai product then it should be produced at their shop. HKS Kansai are Seibons Japan dealer, sad but true.

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    Many thanks for your good publish. I’ll take the notes you’ve written.

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