Mine’s Meeting Event: Mine’s R35 GT-R Dry Carbon Front Bumper Scoop Photos

January 17th, 2010

Tokyo AutoSalon
is not the only event in town this weekend and today was a perfect day for a visit to the Mine’s workshop for the Mine’s Meeting Event 2010. Just an hour on the Keikyu line out of Shinagawa, Tokyo, Yokosuka is situated at the opening of the Tokyo Bay on the Miura Penninsula. Coming direct from Tokyo you feel a slowdown in the pace of life but it doesn’t feel like the countryside yet. The kind of place you feel like you could strike a balance between work and life with a getaway to the seaside literally minutes away.

Personally I had not visited the Mine’s workshop until today but thanks to the help and hospitality of Sales and Marketing manager Noriaki Nagahama-san we arrived to find a buffet of legendary Mine’s GT-Rs at our fingertips in the front parking lot. There was the legendary BNR34 GT-R that has been lusted after by JDM car fans since 2002 and is still said to be very emodiment of speed, handling and response on the circuit. There was also, of course, the pair of Mine’s R35 GT-Rs, one for street and one all out dedicated circuit version.

This is where things got really interesting because that latter, circuit version GT-R, was known to be the first GT-R to feature the Mine’s Complete VR38DETT Engine built right on site in the Mine’s Engine Room by Technical Supervisor and head mechanic, Toshikazu Nakayama-san.

Something else was different though, it is subtle yes, but substantially different. The Mine’s Dry Carbon front bumper that we had been awaiting for some time was finally finished and installed!

The Mine’s Dry Carbon Front Bumper is a complete replacement front bumper featuring some significant upgrades over the standard item. First and foremost is the improved cooling design by way of more ducting and redesigned ducting. The basic lines of the GT-R’s front end remain but the cooling potential is increased firstly by opening the central horizontal section. This is quite similar to what Nismo has done when preparing the Nismo GT-R for the 2008 Tokachi 24hrs endurance race but in the case of Mine’s this section is not just cut out but also ducted to prevent air flow from being wasted. On the Mine’s version, once air enters the horizontal duct, it’s forced to move upward to the radiator.

Next improvement is a little easier to see and comes by way of pushing back the engine oil cooler ducting to begin just in front of the intercoolers. This has a twofold effect of removing the need for the factory intercooler ducting and increasing airflow to the intercoolers and engine oil coolers by having a more open inlet. The ducting to the intercooler is now handled by the same carbon panel which directs air to the radiators from horizontal opening. Quite ingenious in design really.

Cooling is not the only improvement made on the Mine’s Front Bumper, we also have an improvement to the aerodynamics of the car by both the larger size and improved integration of the Mine’s Carbon Canards. The shape of the GT-Rs OEM canard “lumps” has been redesigned to allow the larger bolt on canards to screw in from underneath. Low profile hex screws are used to then bolt the canards up. The result is an absolute seemless looking solution.

As the bumper is built to OEM size and specification, it will bolt up to the standard or aftermarket front underspoilers. Seen here it’s bolted up to the Mine’s Dry Carbon Front Lip Spoiler Type-II. Of course, as with all Mine’s gear, the quality of the bumper was also first rate.

Expect to see the availability announcement soon and with that will come pricing information. Right now neither the date or price is decided but we’ll let you know when it is.

The Mine’s Meeting Event is still on till the end of the day tomorrow, the 18th of January so if you’re in Tokyo feel free to get along to check out the cars in the flesh!

Oh and before you ask, yes we didn’t just LOOK at that new Mine’s Complete Engine! We’ve got more to come from today’s meeting in the upcoming days!

Link: Mine’s Website (English)

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  1. illpayne
    | #1

    Seeing this new front bumper up close and personal along with Kris, I must say that they did just exactly what I’ve been waiting for. There newly tuned car is a work of “ART” and I would like to thank Niikura San for the inviting and giving us a ride in GT-R. I am VERY IMPRESSED! Thank you for the wonderful gift as well, it really means a lot.

  2. GianTkilleR
    | #2

    Perfection. Jelous of your ride in the GTR! Look forward to more!

  3. racer m
    | #3

    not really a fan of canards on a street car. not only are they hideous looking, but 99% of the designs i have seen have no function and even if they did would serve almost no purpose on anything but a race car.

  4. | #4

    The car is a circuit spec car hence the canards. They’re removable for street use. They are functional.

  5. Bill
    | #5

    It looks way funnier than than original..

  6. | #6

    The change works, it really looks fantastic & attractive than the original one.

  7. | #7

    The modification made is really different and I liked it. Even I think that I should modify my small pickup truck. Let see what difference it will make on it.

  8. anwar35
    | #8

    as street racer point of view, mines may be looking their market specifically for the pro’s who only race in the race track. it is to expensive and can be consider as unworthy. street racer always find a cheaper, trust worthy, and smart modification without spending to much on it. unlike the MCR, HKS,Garage Defend we can spend less and drive faster than mines do.

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