TommyKaira R35 GT-R: Final Images and Pricing Revealed

January 12th, 2010

TommyKaira have put the finishing touches on their Tommy Kaira R35 GT-R project just in time for the opening of Tokyo AutoSalon this week. The complete car project looks to have been quite a mammoth undertaking but they’ve pulled it off with days to spare. The final product looks great in these photos but the real test will be to see it in the flesh on Friday this week at the show. The wheels you see it pictured here with are AVS Model F15 in Platinum black, sizes 20×9.5 +45 in the front and 20×10.5 +25 in the rear. They’re wrapped with Pirelli P-Zero 255/40R20 285/35R20 tires.

As for pricing, if you’re sitting down let’s begin. For the full kit, in “Wet Carbon”, including tax, look to spend 1,680,000 yen in Japan. It includes the following gear:

  • Wet Carbon/FRP Front Bumper
  • Wet Carbon Front Grill Cover
  • Wet Carbon Front Lip Spoiler
  • Wet Carbon Front Under Diffuser
  • Wet Carbon Side Ducts
  • Wet Carbon/FRP Side Skits
  • Wet Carbon Rear Underspoiler
  • Wet Carbon Rear Racing Diffuser
  • Wet Carbon Rear Wing
  • Wet Carbon Rear Fender Extensions (20mm extension)

On top of this you can choose the following options at extra cost:

  • Dry Carbon Front fender finishers 67,200 yen
  • Dry Carbon Front Fender Ducts 61,950 yen
  • Dry Carbon Door Handles 47,250 yen

If the full kit is too rich for you, then you’re not completely out of luck. TommyKaira are selling a sub-kit known as the Front Style Kit. This retails at the 630,000 yen mark and includes the following:

  • Wet Carbon/FRP Front Bumper
  • Wet Carbon Front Grill Cover
  • Wet Carbon Front Lip Spoiler
  • Wet Carbon Front Under Diffuser
  • Wet Carbon Side Ducts

Dry carbon versions of many of these parts are on their way soon but are not priced as yet. There’s is also a complete red leather interior package on it’s way. You can sneak a peak in these photos but we’ll have more for you soon. It’s also not priced just yet.

To go along with the exterior body components, TommyKaira have also developed a range of tuning parts like an exhaust system, brake kit and suspension kit. These are priced as follows:

  • High Performance Exhaust, Titanium (STTI): 348,600 yen
  • Endless MONO6 & 6R Caliper Kit with 390mm rotors: 1,837,000 yen
  • Quantum Super Sports Suspension Kit: 630,000 yen

So, like we said, looking good but check back Friday for a more in-depth look at the new TommyKaira R35 GT-R.

Link: TommyKaira Website

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  1. Michal
    | #1

    Oh, That look awesome. It’s far more better than a stock one!

  2. keen
    | #2

    hhmm… its not fierce enough…

  3. 130tc
    | #3

    Not convinced! The front end’s way too fussy and as for the nasty rear over fenders? Why?

  4. | #4


    That looks horrible.

  5. dick richie
    | #5

    Anybody who would spend $18k on that should have their head examined. To each their own, but that not only ruins a beautiful car with some over air ducted, rice burning shit that would be more appropriate in 4 different colors with the rear bumper dangling off the back driving down the 405 but you could also build an 800hp GTR with functional aerodynamics and racing suspension for that price.

  6. ttknf
    | #6

    Does anybody know what wheels those are?

  7. James
    | #7

    shit ones

  8. | #8

    They’re AVS Model F15. Full specs are in the original story.

  9. 959 owner
    | #9

    best kit for GTR so far, good to see Tommy carry on

  10. 959 owner
  11. | #11

    It’s somehow quite good, but in the same way there is too much body kit on the car. I’m not that convinced about it, but the color looks awesome on this ride really.

  12. Clay
    | #12

    Not a fan, at all, it really annoys me when aftermarket designers completely ignore the lines put on by the original designers. All it does it confuse the car.

  13. | #13

    Let me just say it looks amazing in the flesh. A standout piece of work that really impressed me.

    Full post coming soon!

  14. | #14

    I agree with clay that sometimes aftermarket designers ignore the original lines by the designer. The rims are a sweet fit though.

  15. | #15

    K18,000 is not loads of money when we consider the remaining costs of vehicles of our roads. I am not a real fan of this car, though at that price I would actually considered it.

  16. | #16

    сервис socks 5

  17. | #17

    This is a smooth looking edition of the Nissan Gt-R. I am particularly keen on the red theme and as noted the price is reasonable.

  18. | #18

    That wet carbon look is simply stunning! Well worth the price to be seen driving such a hot mod GTR!

  19. | #19

    I do not usually leave comments, but I enjoyed this so much I felt compelled to break with tradition.

  20. anwar35
    | #20

    i agree, its the best bodykit so far off all complete aero kit.

  21. doara08
    | #21

    The front end’s way too fussy and as for the nasty rear over fenders? Why?

  22. | #22

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