JUN Auto Nissan GT-R Camshafts Specifications

January 10th, 2010

The quest for the 1000ps JUN GT-R engine continues with the development of camshaft upgrades for the VR38. To get there JUN have opted for the biggest cam profile so far with 264 degrees of duration on both the intake and exhaust sides. Lift is also the most aggressive yet with 10.5mm on both intake and exhaust.

Pricing is not available yet but perhaps we will be able to probe deeper at Tokyo AutoSalon later this week.

Link: Jun Auto Website

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  1. Steve Pettersen
    | #1

    I’m building an NA RB30 for my street car. It is limited use, and I don’t mind a rough idle.I’m using Individual Throttle bodies and Motec Stand alone Engine Management. I’m having pistons made by Arias for a 9.7:1 CR. Would you suggest any camshaft selection. Most of the parts available are engineered for turbocharged applications. For NA, I’d like to run about 290deg duration, and 10.0-10.5mm lift. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Steve Pettersen (Chico, California. USA)

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