AutoCar UK: 911 Turbo vs R8 V10 vs GT-R Circuit Supercar Test

December 9th, 2009 pit the latest PDK Porsche 911 turbo up against the new Audi R8 V10 6 speed manual and the Nissan GT-R. They refer to the GT-R as the benchmark and also make quite a mention of the price difference.

Good video, not just because the GT-R beats out the latest batch of competitors but also it’s very interesting to see them back to back on the same day with the same driver.

Link: AutoCar Youtube Channel

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  1. Alexx
    | #1

    Love the car..

  2. GTRSlam
    | #2

    That of course is a stock GTR..
    Now if its modified and tuned by SPI with their P800 package…
    See what it can do…

  3. Bendoe
    | #3

    @ GTRSlam

    Nice 🙂

  4. yuangs
    | #4

    Great car always. This time beats the new 911Turbo. I hope in the upcoming future it can still beat cars like 458 or MP4-12C!

  5. | #5

    Love the comment ‘well done Porsche’ what for? For spending two years improving the 911 Turbo so that its now NEARLY as good as the GTR which costs half the money! Yep, well done Porsche! I’m off home now, in my GTR! Love it!

  6. | #6

    Great post and video of three superb machines. Before watching the video I tried to decide who would be the overall winner and thought the Porsche would come out on top although the grey Nissan looked pretty good.

    Interesting to hear that the price of the Nissan is half of the other cars even though it was a superior machine in the test video.

    The Audi certainly is a great looking car but for style, performance and overall enjoyment I would go for the Porsche.

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