Nismo Festival 2009: FIA GT GT1 Specification Nissan GT-R Up Close and Personal

December 4th, 2009


Nismo Festival is here again and although it officially doesn’t start until tomorrow, we’ve been able to, with thanks to help from Nismo get some unprecidented access to get under the skin of the 2010 GT1 specification Nissan GT-R.

A total of three GT1 spec GT-Rs are at Fuji Speedway less than 100 meters from me as I type this from the media center. I was up at 5:30am this morning to get this chance to get some interesting shots of the car without any members of the general public around. So I hope you enjoy these.

There’s 62 photos in total I’ve selected for this article so go ahead and click the read more link below to browse. I’m sure you can keep yourself busy for quite a while picking up on the finer details.

I’ll be making a post shortly on interesting points I noticed myself…

Link: Nismo FIA GT1 @ Nismo Festival 2009 – Photo Gallerty



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    Great coverage Kris!

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    Thanks a lot mister 🙂

  4. keen
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    will somebody please make this body kit… ^_^

  5. adrian_245
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    this WideBody is just awesome!!

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    I’m jealous of you for having the chance to get so up close and personal with the GT1. Thanks for sharing these amazing pics any idea where I can get a look at the official specs?

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    “Nissan GT-R News – | Nismo Festival 2009:
    FIA GT GT1 Specification Nissan GT-R Up Close and Personal” was in fact a
    fantastic blog post. If it owned a lot more pix this might
    be possibly even more beneficial. All the
    best -Celinda

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