Amalgam 1/8th Scale Nissan GT-R Model Released

November 22nd, 2009


UK fine model car maker Amalgam has finally released the photos of their completed 1/8th scale Nissan GT-R model. Amalgam are recognized as the premiere model maker and supplier of models to high end luxury car manufacturers and racing teams globally.

At 1/8th scale this model is around 22 inches or 58 cm in length and weighs 5kg. It’s huge by any standard and is the most phenomenally well detailed model you’ll ever see.

Take a look at these photos (and the others at the link below). You can see everything has been recreated from the texture of the brake rotors, the reflections in the tail lamps, the stitching on the seats and accurate labels on the dashboard buttons.

These models are now available via Zele International in Japan for 398,000 yen a piece. For those wanting a model of their own GT-R, a custom version of the Amalgam GT-R model is available and starts at a price of 498,000 yen.

Link: Amalgam 1/8th Scale Nissan GT-R Photo Gallery

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  1. Obi_agent
    | #1

    The 1/8 model no doubt is impressive but it’s kind of expensive. $4500 is alot of dough.

  2. Bendoe
    | #2

    398,000 yen outch

  3. gdzilla
    | #3

    oh… i thought they were being modest about the price… ya right..

  4. yuangs
    | #4

    when I still wondering at what time I can get a Amalgam 1/8th scale Mclaren F1 LM, they are doing this in order to break my wallet…..

  5. | #5

    Okay, I admit. I’m a huge GTR fan, but isn’t that price a little steep. For that kind of money, I could make the down payment on the real thing, though it might not look quite as good on my shelf. I’d settle for having a GTR in my garage.

  6. | #6

    I am not sure I would spend any real money on a model of a car, yet I can see many who do. My partner would not be happy at all to have the home full of replicas of road cars.

  7. n.n
    | #7

    ooooooohh!!! this is crazy. i am a beginner collector and i wish i had this beautiful model in my collection!!! everybody help me!!

  1. | #1
  2. | #2
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