Mine’s Complete Engine: First Driving Impressions

November 20th, 2009


We’ve seen Mine’s President Niikura-san talk about the individual components and the concept of the Mine’s Complete VR38 engine for the Nissan GT-R before but now it’s getting closer to release. The engine is built and in the Mine’s demo car and, while it may still need tweaking before performance figures can be shown, they’re already confident enough to release their initial impressions:

Although it is not ready to be released yet and still in the process of being tested, today our president has test driven our R35 GT-R demo car with this amazing Mine’s Complete Engine [above].

He was commenting “This is absolutely an amazing VR38DETT. It feels like as many as about 500kg lighter than the stock R35 when you drive your R35 with this awesome engine installed. Very responsive, very exhilarating, and extremely enjoyable engine. It was absolutely fantastic. The moment you drive this, you’ll definitely want this remarkable engine!!”

Would you like to test drive it?

I think the answer to that last question Niikura-san is, yes. Can I book it in for tomorrow please?

Source: Mine’s Overseas Blog
Link: Mine’s Official Site (English)

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  1. GianTkilleR
    | #1

    Mine’s is just the best there is for GTR’s. I’ve been waiting for this for 2 years, after I first drove a Mine’s complete RB26. The response is crazy, bordeline scary!

  2. Bendoe
    | #2

    Can’t wait to see a video if it is as good as the Mine’s RB26….

  3. Jeff C
    | #3

    Mine’s knows what’s up with excellent taste, can’t wait to see a video of how this car perform!

  4. 130tc
    | #4

    Looks and sounds fantastic. When are Best Motoring testing this?

  5. | #5

    I can’t find a way to subscribe to your RSS feeds…are they active or you dont accept this kind of subscription? I would like to be informed whenever you write a new post if its possible.

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