Inheritance – Nissan GT-R Short Film by Dylan Osborn

November 18th, 2009


This is no ordinary Youtube clip, film maker Dylan Osborn put together this short film to show what the Nissan GT-R is capable of and tell a story at the same time. You’ll love the ending too.

A family gathers to read their father’s will, but his final wish forces them into a high speed race. Will a Nissan GT-R give the estranged daughter Emily the edge she needs to earn her inheritance?

A Dylan Osborn film written by Sarah Haskins. Starring Victoria Haynes, Patrick Flynne, Sanam Erfani, Josh Lubin-Levy, Sarah-Doe Osborne, and Chuck McMahon. Director of photography Scott Uhlfelder. Produced by Seth Low-Tufo. Consulting producer Catherine Schuler. Original score by Eliot Gray Fisher.

Thanks to Dylan for the submission and keep it up!

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  1. hussein
    | #1

    What a superb little fim. I really like the angles and the way the tension was building. Great piece of film-making.

  2. McNish
    | #2

    ugly chick..

  3. Jason
    | #3

    Great short film.I hope there are more in the future.

  4. Fleming
    | #4

    Keep it Kensington… I’ll take the car ; ) No but seriously, you could buy a Veyron for what that estate would sell for! That wouldn’t be my choice, but it does put things into perspective. I suppose I’m being a bit to serious though and looking past what this film was meant to convey which is: GT-Rs rock! Oh yeh, and the moral undertone that you get back from life what you put into it.

  5. Noobs
    | #5

    2 times I watch it, and its fantastic! The part when the 911 and the GTR were fighting, its was clearly awesome. The angles and the music were fat bleeding tastic! Like Jason say I hope there is more! I do hope so to.

  6. | #6

    Very nice!

  7. gdzilla
    | #7

    this is exceptional!! great effort and result..

  8. miss_gdzilla
    | #8

    fantastic !!

  1. | #1
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