Nissan GT-R All Dubai’d Out with Chrome Wrap

November 14th, 2009


It’s only being defined as a saying on Autoblog a couple days back but we already have an example of a Nissan GT-R that exactly fits the bill of “All Dubai’d Out”.

This GT-R owner in the UK has applied the most eyecatching wrap possible to his previously tasty looking white R35. The process he says was more complex than the average wrap and more expensive as well.

It doesn’t look as bad as I imagined really but I definately preferred the white…

Source: GTR UK Forums

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  1. Bendoe
    | #1

    Horrible….. at least for me

  2. Armenian
    | #2

    Stupid Arabs……as i previously said..


  3. GianTkilleR
    | #3

    Maximum shine. Zero taste.

  4. | #4

    Ugh. What a shocking lack of taste and a disturbing waste of money.

    In Florida they would not even let that car on the road. Can you imagine seeing it coming toward you down the highway with the sun shining off it? What an idiotic road hazard!

    Car Hire Florida

  5. LuckEff
    | #5


    Before shooting off, better be well informed. this car is in UK.


    | #6

    Very beautiful. thit you have mor photograph from this chrome GTR??

  7. Min
    | #7

    Definitely ugly. This is the very first time I see a GTR and wanna puke. UGH!

  8. 130tc
    | #8

    Horrid Horrid idea. I love the aftermarket scene but this is the reason why Nissan dont offer this as a color option. btw Not everyone in the UK has as bad taste as this!

  9. Dean
    | #9

    Just seen this car in the flesh today. The photos do it no justice. Totally awesome.

  10. nathan
    | #10

    Anyone know who painted this car? would love to get mine done.

  11. | #11

    Hey I can see my face in this car. I can use it as a mirror. Where can I find this type of car paint.

    gaush @Lifted trucks

  12. | #12

    Nissan GT-R All Dubai’d Out with Chrome Wrap – Thanks for the info.

  13. idk
    | #13

    its gay the color is bag it would be batter if it was white

  14. idk
    | #14

    idk :
    its gay the color is bad it would be batter if it was white

  15. PREZ JAV
    | #15

    this is my brothers car and ot os in birmingham it was white and it is absolutly beautiful
    BTW my brother is not a arab we r pakistani and yeh my big brothers car and the war isscooped up to 500+ BHP so like dont beg if u dont like

  16. | #16

    This car is sweet. Had to cost a pretty penny to chrome out the entire car. Nice.

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