R36 GT-R: What Do You Want to See in the Next Generation Nissan GT-R?

October 5th, 2009


Well by now you know that Nissan are saying that there will be an R36 GT-R by 2013 and so the GT-R nameplate will continue in a new generation Japanese supercar. Seems like only yesterday we were seeing our first R35 Nurburgring spyshots but alas it’s time to start dreaming of what could better it already.

So what would you want to see in an R36 GT-R? I’ll cover off two for you to begin with because I know you’ll jump in on these.

  • Less weight
  • More power

Here’s where you say, manual transmission option. I wont go there because I’m personally of the opinion that the DCT is a preferred option. Maybe a bulletproof DCT instead for me.

The R36 GT-R could utilize more lightweight construction materials, and do away with some of the more fancy gadgets for a base model similar in price to today’s R35. Lightweight manually operated seats, more aluminium and carbon composites throughout. A global R36 SpecM could then introduce silly things like the heated electric memory seats with butt massagers.

Extra power could come by way of a slightly larger engine coupled with mildly larger turbos. A VR40DETT with SpecV or larger turbos would give a lot more torque available with higher peak power.

None of this is outside the realm of possibility but what else would you like to see?

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  1. R32fan
    | #1

    Bi-modal exhaust… similar to ferrari/new hsv

  2. | #2

    Damn that’s a good one. Agreed.

  3. NacaYoda
    | #3

    1. Bring some aftermarket G35 bits in as standard (cam shafts, gear strengthening).

    2. Lighten (all carbon fiber panels).

    3. KERS.

  4. Trump
    | #4

    I’d like to see Nissan Australia sell it for a RRP that reflects exchange rates and not gorging massive margins out of the consumer.

  5. | #5

    What you “want” you aren’t going to see. What you are going to see is some different headlights, different tail lights. Maybe a wing and bumper change. Other than that I would say not much.

    Nothing like say the Infinti Essence….

  6. Daihiko
    | #6

    I would of liked that the R35 was that concept shown in 2001 and the R36 to be what the R35 is now. But since the R35 is what it is now, it’d be cool if they made it look like the KPGC110- but more modern.

  7. | #7


    You mean like what the Americans did with all their muscle cars? I hope not really.

    I think Sean is pretty much spot on though. I think we’ll see styling updates. Tweaks on the chassis but overall it wont vary too much.

    The interior will get a refresh maybe too.

  8. KB
    | #8

    Shorter height, less weight, power increase to 500hp 478ft/lbs, two transmission options DCT and Sequential like in Super GT (wishful), price droP TO AROUND 65K!!! Maybe make a race ready model from factory for 50k, boost scramble from Spec V, No silly run flats. That should sum it up for me.

  9. 130tc
    | #9

    Im not a huge fan of the retro/modern design concept, Just appears a little lazy to me. But how about, dare i say it “use alternative fuels” a hybrid system would differentiate it from its competition.

  10. simeonauto
    | #10

    – less weight !!!!
    – better engine response !!!
    – more torque,around 100-150 Nm !!
    – more impressive,deep-toned exhaust and engine sound !
    – endurance improvement !

  11. CH
    | #11

    so you want a better car for less money? I’m sure that’s going to happen =.=

  12. CH
    | #12

    I just hope they design that awful looking front end(more aggression and style [ie: vents, foglights] into the front bumper). The vertical headlights are a new age thing… but classic horizontal headlights car give a car an aggressive stare type of look.

    Also… I REALLY dislike the roofline of this vehicle. The roofline of the 2001 GT-R Proto was perfect… why did the go for this awkward chopped look? Make it a CF roof to shave weight while you’re at it.

    Some fender flares or defined fenders of some sort… ie: R34, M3 RS4 like

    GT Wing

    No run flats as mentioned above

    REALLLY hoping for a 6-speed manual… but I think I’m just dreaming here.

    Full leather seats please? All other $85k+ cars have em…
    Recaro buckets like in the V-Spec standard?

    In conclusion:

    1. Pretty much I think the engineering of this car is already bar none. It’s the awkward and controversial styling that is holding back the true potential of this car.

    2. If anything… REDUCE WEIGHT

  13. James
    | #13

    less weight, more power, manual transmission ALL bundled up into the Infinity Essense shell. Thats all I ask for…..in fact……forget the less weight, forget the more pwoer, even forget the manual transmission. Just stick everythign inside the Infinity and release it…..Done.

  14. | #14

    As long as they keep the round tail lights…

  15. Adam
    | #15

    Agreed. The performance is already fine, it’s just fat and ugly. Especially the front. The 34 GTR looked about as good as a car can in my opinion. I think if you’re going to keep the familiar back, why not keep the gorgeous, mean front as well.

  16. Noobs
    | #16

    hmm…old school design to the R34? Please.

  17. KB
    | #17

    @CH the only reason I stated for less was because the R34 was for sale at 65k new. If they put a hybrid system then it fails IMO. That CF roof Idea was on point btw.

    The roof line of the car is no different from old school Nissan’s in the past 20 years. The roof line is just more prominent. If you were to look at the Hatchback 240sx from the nineties or even the original 240z and 350z you will see the same shape.

  18. Hid
    | #18

    it would be great to see the next GTR:
    -rear wing similar to R34
    -GTR specific rim..like R34
    -keep rear/brake lamp..like the GTR before
    -the front can be more breathable from stock
    -GT500 heritage…since ferrari has some F1 in theirs
    -lighter and better equipments (ac, cd, display, etc)
    -don’t mind gadgets but don’t make it into a weight problem
    -keep away from launch controls (extra weight)
    -smaller body, but still comfortable
    -light, comfortable seat, steering wheel etc
    -keep dual clutch semi-manual but improved…supercar’s standard now, if people want manual, go for sports like the Z (i like both)
    -at most around R34’s weight, but lighter would be good with light weight materials
    -cost close to R35 in the expensive side
    -don’t mind the hp, it’ll get faster when its lighter

  19. Jeff C
    | #19

    It would never happen, but it would be really cool if Nissan add 2 more cylinders to the engine, a V8 twin turbo, 4.0L~4.5L displacement. The current V6 is strong and all, but V6 always seems weak, and most importantly, V6 sounds crappy.

  20. ****** SULTAN *******
    | #20


    i wanna see new design. new look.

    i want that.

    design must be a bit sharper.

    less legroom in back.

    more performance…

    MORE Colors..

    as i said


    not just little little aero changes each time…


  21. ****** SULTAN *******
    | #21


    . SULTAN

  22. 959 owner
    | #22

    I am sick of people complaining about the R35 being “ugly”

    It is not based on a Italian aesthetic, nor Anglo or Bavarian.

    This is an entirely new aesthetic, one that embraces Japan’s “robot-Gundam” culture.

    The R35 is based on purposeful, powerful design

    this is the R35

  23. | #23

    Here is what I would like to see in a future model. For the record, this is me polishing a diamond, the existing car exceeds expectations in every way, but here is a list of improvements that would be welcome.

    – Larger paddles, especially the upshift paddle. If you are in manual mode driving around the city and make a left hand turn from a standing start, you allways have to drop your right hand to catch 2nd gear midway through the intersection.

    – Clearer Speedometer. The sweep of the “legal speeds” is so small, that the analogue speedometer is pretty much useless for city driving, and I never use it for track driving.

    – Virtual gauge HUD. I love the virtual gauges, the need to place them where I am looking.

    – Downloadable GPS tagged data. The dealer gets it, but I want it, would like to be able to play back runs on Google Earth, or overlay multiple laps of a circuit.

    – Memory seats and Automatic headlights. Call me lazy, but coming from a BMW M3, this was my biggest “need to fix”.

    – Crisper brake pedal. They may have tweeked this on the 2010, I haven’t driven one, but I think the brake pedal could provide a little more feedback.

    – Less understeer. My GT-R feels a little like heavy in tight circuits, and yes I know it is, but a little less understeer would really improve feel considerably.

    – Does the “COMF” mode really do anything? Perhaps a magnetic ride suspension where you can get greater difference in feel from “COMF” setting.

    – Swap the “Source” and “Next Track/Previous Track” button. I spend 90% of time listening to my iPod in my GT-R so the “Next and Previous” button on the steering wheel get a lot of use. I’ve NEVER needed to hit the “Source” button and it’s in the ideal location. Can we swap those please?

    – Factory optioned Roll Cage, Extinguisher and Racing Harness. The Porsche GT3 has these as options from the factory and believe it or not I would order them on a 12 track day a year daily driver.

    – Factory Racing Shell option. The VSpec seats are sexy, but for a race, I would still prefer a shell like you can order on the GT3.

    – More Data in Rally Mode. It’s so close to being a real rally computer, please give it the extra options so we can actually use it as such!!!

  24. 959 owner
    | #24

    BTW, i own Porsche 959.@959 owner

  25. 959 owner
    | #25

    @959 owner

    there are many cars faster than 959s, but not many as collectible

  26. discodan
    | #26

    I like Adam’s comments and have to agree with Sean’s comments earlier. There will be changes but nothing too massive – the 350Z to 370Z is a great example of two – three clear changes made in response to industry pressures (hp increases etc) and then subtle technical changes to fix shortcomings in the former model.

    So in the case of the R36 I’d say power will increase + 40 -50 bhp but not by adding more cylinders. Brakes will probably go to ceramic and maybe we’ll see something like the pre-cog technology in the gearbox.

    Of course, we’ll see whatever else it will take to ensure the GTR beats whichever other car it is at the time who is fastest around the ‘Ring!!

  27. michael
    | #27

    1.No leather!
    Use bucket seat material…or better yet, give me a pair of recaros
    2.Less weight!
    smaller more stylish rims. Come on! All the nissan and infinity rims have that same “shape”. I see it all the time! Give me a 5 spoke ferrari style or bbs style rims. No need for the huge bazooka sound system. If you must put regular speakers. No butt warmers, electronic seat adjustment. Also don’t need the Run flats, give me regular barely legal street tires.
    3. Better exhaust sound
    This car puts me to sleep and sounds like a detuned infinity suv.
    4. Manual transmission …maybe?
    Would love it…but i realize DCT is a major reason why this car can even perform the way it does. Which brings me to my next point. How is it that an American ZR-1 with manual transmission match/better the time of the GTR on the Ring? Does that mean ZR-1 with DCT will just blow the GTR away?

    5. 20 more hp?
    Why 485hp? Just make it an even 500

  28. Willy
    | #28

    Mr Mizuno
    The requirements are as follows:
    1) First and foremost – more exhaust noise, the car is far too quiet: we need more emotion
    2) A long list of factory approved options: Let us have Carbon bits and pieces, lighter many things
    3) Nismo’s part prices are way out of line – even compared to Porsche & Ferrari
    4)More cost but sequencial turbo’s will eliminate super low down (off the line performance)
    5) A proper launch control – electronically limited to give best accel performance vs. best durability. There is so many stories about this but no official word from Nissan what to do and what the car is suppose to do
    6) Centre console silver bits should really be real metal or real Carbon but real plastic is not so nice (it really is almost the only part of the interior that is somewhat inferior to competitors and the bad thing is it is in your face.
    7) Carbon Ceramic brakes is a must (just check the pricing again!) as an option
    8) Track kit: As per Nismo suspension package but more cost effective (the brakes above could be part of that) – many people play with this car on track days and suspension for this could be optimised still as well as gettining more endurance out of the brakes

    It is close to being perfect but some bits and pieces are still necessary to refine.

  29. hmd-dxb
    | #29

    1. manual gearbox
    2. a horizontal roofline similar to r34
    3. Less weight
    4. the rear wing [ GT wing or similar to r34 ]
    5. new front design

  30. Ken
    | #30

    I’d actually like to say a substantial increase in power is unnecessary; however, I do like to see the Redline to be increased to 9000 RPM and close the gear ratios a bit closer. Perhaps make the front end a little less wide.I might go as to far as saying peak hp of 600hp at 8500 RPM/484ftlb at 3000-6500RPM. Less weight? Maybe through the lightening of the chassis.

  31. | #31

    I’d like to see a stronger transmisstion…then the naysayers would have to be quiet!
    a meaner/stonger look.
    a more flexible engine, similar too the rbdett.

  32. Rene
    | #32

    Well I like the looks of it now but more agression to the front. Lower the weight, maybe boost the power but without upping the price and reliability of this perfect car. And make it as a convertible as well that would make it sale even more 🙂 Carbon must get cheaper by the year.

  33. KB
    | #33

    Rene, I understand the thing about more sales of the car but no GTR deserves a convertible version of itself. That is taking everything that the Nissan engineneers did and throwing it out the window. Even if it were to be a hardtop convertible it would change the whole dynamic of the car. Maybe the Spec M(c) could be it but not all GTR’s.

  34. Jackie
    | #34




  35. nahti
    | #35

    – less weight (maybe make it a bit smaller?)
    – more dynamic shape with the concept car headlights
    – better cooling for diffs and DCT!

    – more color choices…

  36. writeoff
    | #36

    A better warranty. It seems the current one is just an excuse for Nissan Dealers to control what you do with your car and where you do it. This may be different in other countries but in Australia the warranty hardly seems worth the paper it’s written on. It’s just another tool for dealers to extract $ from their customer.

    Less weight.
    Better pricing on NISMO options.
    Bayside Blue & Millennium Jade colour options.
    Better quality leather.

  37. 959 owner
    | #37

    wow this must be the most popular thread eva!

  38. Willy
    | #38

    Dear GTRBlog owner – please send the above link to Andy Palmer (Nissan Product Planning Boss) & Mr Mizuno. Should give them lots of ideas!

  39. | #39

    Hi Willy

    I always inteded to notify Nissan Japan of our thread here and I know they will appreciate community suggesgtions. I will feedback anything I hear from Nissan!

  40. Rene
    | #40

    KB i agree it will take away the essens of the GTR and i love it and all that everybody is doing from aftermarket parts to drag. But if the make a covertible option would wow the people that drives the mercedes, bmw, audi etc. then it would make everybody like it more because the convertible guys/girls would also see the potiential of the GTR notjust us that loves the GTR like it is 🙂@KB

  41. Tayshaun
    | #41






  42. GTRzilla
    | #42

    First off, will state I am an owner. The car is amazing and the best thing I have ever driven.

    Focus on best bang for the buck.
    0-60 under 3 seconds.
    Ring times under 7 minutes.
    Quarter mile times under 11 seconds.
    Top speed greater than 215 mph.
    Improve comfort mode. Magnetic ride seems to offer best of both worlds.
    Bullet-proof tranny. 7 gears.
    Improve responsiveness. There is sometimes a lag when coming off a start.
    Ceramic brakes.
    Rear seats need more leg room.
    More agressive styling especially the front end (and do something to prevent the front clip from scrapping).
    Less weight, more power as is the constant theme.
    Competition is getting fierce with McLaren MP4-12c, Ferrari 458 Italia, ZR-1 etc. The GT-R’s performance must outrun its competitors to maintain its legendary status and do it at a much more reasonable price.

  43. 959 owner
    | #43


    Dont talk much dude. You cant afford my car at all.

  44. khye
    | #44

    i think we can all agree on the less weight more power issue.

  45. Eric
    | #45

    “silly things like the heated electric memory seats with butt massagers”

    Yes! Nonsense stuff, pls get rid of it, its like crapware installed in a brand new laptop

  46. Eric
    | #46

    Also…I really would like to see a lower profile GTR, tall cars, leave that to the daily drivers

  47. pl
    | #47


  48. | #48

    This gundam serie is the very best. I can’t forget my 1st time watching Gundam Wing then know about Japanese mobile gundam. Hope to own a lot more excellent gundam serie within the future

  49. | #49

    I realize the 2concern,I am very y glad to hear that you got your Supra fixed, I remember reading about some of your problems5x !.

  50. joe
    | #50


    less weight…
    smaller body… (comparing to r34 GTR, its so BIG!)

    a add a bit of power… about +50hp more??? or less??

    AND CHANGE THE DAMN HEADLIGHTS! it look like a 350z nissan!

    but this cars concept from over all… its awesome!

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