R36 GT-R: What Do You Want to See in the Next Generation Nissan GT-R?

October 5th, 2009


Well by now you know that Nissan are saying that there will be an R36 GT-R by 2013 and so the GT-R nameplate will continue in a new generation Japanese supercar. Seems like only yesterday we were seeing our first R35 Nurburgring spyshots but alas it’s time to start dreaming of what could better it already.

So what would you want to see in an R36 GT-R? I’ll cover off two for you to begin with because I know you’ll jump in on these.

  • Less weight
  • More power

Here’s where you say, manual transmission option. I wont go there because I’m personally of the opinion that the DCT is a preferred option. Maybe a bulletproof DCT instead for me.

The R36 GT-R could utilize more lightweight construction materials, and do away with some of the more fancy gadgets for a base model similar in price to today’s R35. Lightweight manually operated seats, more aluminium and carbon composites throughout. A global R36 SpecM could then introduce silly things like the heated electric memory seats with butt massagers.

Extra power could come by way of a slightly larger engine coupled with mildly larger turbos. A VR40DETT with SpecV or larger turbos would give a lot more torque available with higher peak power.

None of this is outside the realm of possibility but what else would you like to see?

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  1. joe
    | #1

    oh yeah if you can atleast change it the over all look like the R34 then its going to be awesome!

    if i may suggest, it could look like this:

    “nissan skyline GTR r3-xx”

    for others just look it in google and you can see the what i mean…

  2. | #2

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  4. Khaled
    | #4

    I think The R36 would be not as good at The R35 GTR only if it still beats supercars and it still named Godzilla

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