Corvette ZR-1 Sport Auto Supertest at Nurburgring Results In

September 22nd, 2009


If you’re a manufacturer of anything even remotely sporty these days you’re no doubt testing at the Nurburgring. Fine tuning and tweaking the performance because of just how well the Nurburgring represents a wide variety of driving conditions.

You wont be the only one testing your final product there however because, if it’s a real sports car, then Germany’s Sport Auto magazine will put it to their famous Supertest.

The Nissan GT-R had to do it and passed with flying colours setting a 7:38 laptime with editor Horst von Saurma (HvS) behind the wheel. Well now the Corvette ZR1’s time has come to be put to the same test.

Despite the weight and power advantage over the GT-R, the ZR1 only managed to equal the GT-R’s 7:38 lap time on the 13 mile long Nordschliefe circuit in the hands of the same test driver, HvS.

Quite an interesting data point this considering each manufacturer previously set times in the 7:26 region. To then set a 7:38 in an independent test…

Other tracks were also compared in the German article, the ZR1 beating out the GT-R’s Hockenheimring laptime (1:09.7 to the GT-R’s 1:10.7) and then the ZR1 losing out to the GT-R in the wet handling course (1:36.8 to the GT-R’s 1:32.4).

Link: Sport Auto Magazine Website
Source: NAGTROC Forums


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  1. yuangs
    | #1

    That’s may explain something why GT-R only managed a 7:38 run in independent test of Sport Auto.

  2. suigintoh
    | #2

    There’s many factors that can have effect on lap time of Nordschleife,mileage,tyre status,track temp and even fuel can be of great difference.
    And at last, these factors are magnified on such a long track

  3. Bebe
    | #3


    Fuck the Corvette. We dont care about other cars in here!


  4. | #4

    @Bebe You have to pay attention to the competition. It helps keep you well rounded and aware.

    When I used to street race a bit, I needed to know what it took a Mustang to go fast, so when I challenged them, I had an idea what their car would run.

    Its the same thing looking at the P cars or the Corvettes. You may not like them as cars, but you need to respect what they are and what they are capable of.

  5. ECR33
    | #5

    @ Sean Morris.


  6. yuangs
    | #6

    @Sean MorrisIts the same thing looking at the P cars or the Corvettes. You may not like them as cars, but you need to respect what they are and what they are capable of.
    can’t agree with U more!

  7. nahti
    | #7

    As a reminder, the GT-R managed to achieve 74 points in total ­čÖé

  8. | #8

    These sports cars a all stunning on their own right, however I am beginning to feel there is a market of copy cats. When is there going to be something manufactured that is different in design. I understand there is always some tweaking and improvements underneath the bonnet, however, this low fastback look is getting boring. This design has been around for way too long.

  9. | #9

    Went rounf the Nurburgring this summer, it’s awesome!

  10. | #10

    Every petrol head should make the pilgrimage to the Nordschleife

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