HKS Technical Factory SpecV Tuning – 730ps Turbo Upgrades

September 20th, 2009


HKS Technical Factory in Saitama Japan have been wondering to themselves about the capabilities of the Nissan GT-R SpecV. Not so much in standard form, but with respect to how it responds to light tuning modifications. Quite well it would seem. With the HKS GT600 kit installed, the SpecV’s larger turbos are much happier with high boost than the standard GT-R’s.

This goes doubly so when HKS TF take the SpecV turbos and tweak them for further gains. They’ve made 700ps at the wheels hubs on their own SpecV measured with a Dynapack dyno.

HKS TF plan to develop these turbos and eventually bring them to market with a reasonable price tag.

Hit up the link below for specs on the turbos and more photos…

Source: GTR-World – SpecV, the best tuner car?

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  1. GT-R32
    | #1

    Very impressive. However I would suggest that the 700PS figure is derived engine power as it normally would be in Japan.

  2. GTR LM
    | #2

    Usually i would agree with you but, the picture shows a car on a hub dyno not an engine dyno so i say its 700ps@hubs which would mean about 680-685@awhp as the hubs dont measure slip etc. Garage Saurus installed new Greddy TD06 made 800+awhp!

  3. | #3

    Good point on the hub dyno, I should reword that.

    Saurus’s 834ps is a estimated engine output also. Either way it’s more than HKS TF but HKS TF used mostly stock housings and stock manifolds.

  4. | #4

    ждём с нетерпением этот кит. очень интересно. А пока, на данный момент лучший Switzer P800

  5. Bebe
    | #5


    Jury stop cursing you Greek Monkey!


  6. 130tc
    | #6

    Anyone experienced these mega .ps engines on the track? Are they laggy?

  7. GTR LM
    | #7


    834ps is a pretty exacting engine estimate. As you say HKS TF use mostly stock turbo housings, stock manifolds, stock bottom end. Garage Saurus has massive td06-20g turbos on new manifolds with a mildly built bottom end. So its not a stretch of the imagination to think they squeezed another 100 + awhp. Plus it shows the GS car on a wheel dyno not an engine dyno, so why wouldn’t they just quote the dyno figure? just a thought

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