STILLEN Targa Newfoundland: Winners of Targa Newfoundland Modern Division 2009

September 19th, 2009


Legs 3, 4 and 5 have wrapped up and after 2,200 km of targa the team STILLEN Nissan GT-R driven by Steve Millen and Mike Monticello has finished first in the modern class for 2009. The team incurred just 1:20 of penalties through the course of the five days of racing which placed them sixth in the overall standings.

The car itself seems to have held up extremely well suffering really only a tiny CV boot failure which was patched and then finally replaced for day 4. Considering the rules requiring a maximum average speed of 135km/h over each leg, maybe it was even too fast as the guys had to consider backing off for stages.

Congratulations to team STILLEN and big thanks to the guys manning the STILLEN blog and taking photos / video for Road & Track for keeping us in the loop through the rally.

Link: Targa Newfoundland Results
Link: STILLEN Blog
Link: Road & Track STILLEN Site


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  1. Jeff Bowser
    | #1

    It was a joy to see this car in person, and watch it run on the stages. Millen’s years of racing experience really showed on the challenging roads of Newfoundland. I was disappointed that the STILLEN team didn’t show up to any of the fan oriented events like the pre-Targa Car Show on the first Saturday, the Confederation Super Stage on the Prologue day, or the Charity Autoslalom Event on the Saturday after Leg 5.

    I hope to see the GTR back in Targa action next September.

  2. | #2

    Hi Jeff,

    I’m glad you got a chance to see the car! The STILLEN Team had a lot of fun at the event, and meeting all of the people in Newfoundland, and enjoying the towns.

    I know that they wanted to attend the extra events surrounding Targa, but the limited schedule and car preparation didn’t allow for that time to be spent.

    On the Saturday before the rally, the car was being worked on into the night, adjusting the suspension and ride height, and doing the final preparation.

    As the rally began, we had an issue with a leaking CV boot that was worrysome for the team, and without a replacement they opted to not run the Confederation stage which might have further damaged the boot, and being a non-points stage, the decision was made to sit it out.

    After the rally was finished, the car was immediately loaded, and the entire crew was packing the U-Haul trailer and things for transport, which didn’t allow time for the autoslalom event either.

    Hopefully for future events, things will allow for more time, and we won’t be worried about a part failure.. and apologize for the disappointment.


  3. bromleyshaw
    | #3

    Yeah, it’s just what I need, I’m about to have a new one

  1. | #1
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