2011 GT-R Spied Again at Nurburgring – SpecM? Doubt It

September 14th, 2009


Nurburgring stalker extraordinaire KGP Photography has snapped shots of the Nissan GT-R back at Nurburgring this week. The shots clearly show the same stuff we posted back in April 2009 when NAGTROC member Kislik spotted the same car at the ‘ring.

Whats changed since then? Well the rear diffuser seems to have gained a long row of red LED’s which are most likely an update to the European/Australian specification’s rear fog light. The rear spoiler is now black and is possibly revised. Can’t tell exactly in what way.

Most car ‘blogs today are reporting this car to be the 2011 SpecM GT-R but personally, I can’t see much evidence to support that it is anything more than the 2011 facelift GT-R. Anyone else spot something I don’t on this car?

Images: Edmunds Straightline
More Images/Link: Jalopnik Nissan GT-R Spy Photos

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  1. Adam
    | #1

    Is that on outlet on the side of the rear underspoiler? It looks bigger than the April picture.

  2. | #2

    It looks slightly different. I wasn’t really sure because the previous photos aren’t the best angle. Not sure if it’s too much larger though.

  3. ECR33
    | #3

    The spoiler, correct me if I’m wrong though, looks like it now has grooves/bumps (one on each side of the side supports) that could be something new or did the previous GT-R’s have this?

  4. badtaste
    | #4

    2011 makes perfect sense, or 2010.
    good eye on the spoiler.
    what ever it is, it should be an improvement.

  5. T H E
    | #5

    Thats 2011 GT-R guys..
    Just be patient ~ 6 months and you`ll get details !


  6. | #6

    Tokyo Motorshow is next month, we expect to see the 2011 GT-R debut there along with further details on the SpecM.

  7. | #7

    Spoiler or no spoiler its gonna be fast

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