Another GT-R Mashup: The R34 Coupe Widebody R35 Makeover

September 7th, 2009


Didn’t expect to see one of these really. This Skyline has donated it’s entire soul to be a R35 mashup of some description. The work looks unfinished but presents a whole new category of front end swaps. Will you be seeing a Bee-R R35 R32 front end soon? Maybe. Who makes this one? I don’t know. This photo raises more questions than it answers.

Source: Mindlessoath via NAGTROC

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  1. Bendoe
    | #1

    IMO —> Horrible 🙂

  2. | #2


    Agreed, I’m a fan of the R35 x Stagea, but this in my opinion looks horrible.

  3. Bendoe
    | #3

    Yeah I do like the R35 “Stagea” too

  4. ECR33
    | #4

    the front looks ok, and it theres nothing wrong with it. It’s the sides how ever with that huge bulging gap in between the front and quarter panels that is really putting people off about this car. Im really interested to see what the rear looks like too, although judging from the lines already on the quarter panel, it looks to be a normal R34 rear end, than an R35. It’s people like this that step up the boundaries and try something different, with out this we will never know what it would look like. But yes, I do agree, FAIL conversion if they think this is a winner.

  5. advan
    | #5

    hmm, anyone with eyes would know that combining two cars of different size won’t go down well.

  6. danny
    | #6


  7. Sparky
    | #7

    IMO it looks far better than the 35 GTR (commence flaming)… truly, I think it does

  8. gtt
    | #8

    looks like a chevy Camino…lol

  9. aston
    | #9

    sparky how bout u shut up

  10. xALmoN
    | #10

    uhhhhh, i think it actually looks, pretty good!

  11. | #11


    enlarge and look at the wing mirrow

  12. dick richie
    | #12

    I’d like to meet the mexican that owns this car because I would talk shit to them until they wanted to fight and then kick their ass

  13. | #13

    this is really a nice car..hope I can have one..

  14. | #14

    Well, there has been so much discussion amongst Nissan and Skyline officionados about what is better out of R34 and R35, so why not combine the two and to create the ugliest supercar in the world?

    Lets hope this stays as a one-off.

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