Trust and Garage Saurus: GReddy TD06-20G Kit Dynos 834ps @ Wheels

August 12th, 2009


We’ve been following the progress of the Trust GReddy TD06-20G turbo kit for a while now, thanks to Garage Saurus, and today we’ve learned cold hard numbers on what the kit can do.

On Trust Japan’s dyno, running 22 psi of boost and completely maxing out the Bosche injectors they’ve managed to pull off a 834ps (822hp) run at all four wheels. Other components upgraded for the run were the intercoolers, utilising the Trust GReddy Type06-R Intercooler kit.

Quite an upgrade from where they started with “just” the 650ps output from Garage Saurus original basic performance upgrade components back in January.

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  1. matt
    | #1

    YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take it to the drag strip ASAP please, I want to see a low 9

  2. Mitch
    | #2

    About freaking time the Japanese tuning houses started concentrating on horse power rather than the ride. I still think Hennessey is going to have the world’s most powerful GTR, with it hopefully breaking 1000hp.

  3. 7md
    | #3

    hell yeah ,.

  4. maRtz
    | #4

    how much?? 🙂

  5. tnk
    | #5

    turbo kit, intercooler kit, 830cc injectors(maxed out), Saurus H-beam forged conrods, upgraded fuel pumps(two SARD 235L), 80mm diameter intake piping, etc
    so…how much?:)
    and do they have any plans on upgrading the gears/clutches?

  6. matt
    | #6

    Hennessey sucks, who cares what they do… quality is terrible and prices are ridiculous. This Greddy kit is gonna be the way to go, I will be ordering as soon as it is available and go hunting for Veyrons 🙂

  7. GReddy
    | #7


    A more powerful model can be expected with the introduction of 2011 GT-R in november.


  8. GTR LM
    | #8

    834ps @ the wheels!! whats that @ the engine? 950-960hp!! 🙂
    I wonder how the stock GR6 handles that?

  9. | #9

    GR6 handle

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