Friday Laughs: Camaro Tuner to Take on GT-R With Turbo V6

August 7th, 2009


East Texas Muscle Cars is where you can point and begin laughing as they reckon they’ve got the know how to slap together a GT-R killing Camaro based on the cooking variety V6. Edmunds Inside Line is reporting that the V6 will be upgraded with forged internals and a remote mount turbo kit. Add to that a few other off the shelf tuning parts and they think they can tweak it to 500hp and slay the GT-R at the Nurburgring.

Their answer to improving the Camaro’s handling … ?

Other changes include a Baer big brake kit, lightweight 20-inch iForged wheels and Pedders coil-overs and bushings to address “the stock Camaro’s tremendous understeer and cradle walk.”

Edmunds Inside Line

I really gotta hand it to these guys in Texas, they brightened up my Friday with this. Whatever they’re smoking get me some.

Link: Edmunds Inside Line – Read the full story
Image: Autoblog – Click to see their gallery

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  1. GianTkilleR
    | #1

    Hahaha. The only way that will get round the ring faster is to transform into bumble-bee and have Megan Fox ride it. Although tbh I think I could get round as quick if Megan Fox was riding me.;)
    Gotta love Texas!

  2. yuangs
    | #2

    Texas guy ha? really dare to speak out their ideas….

  3. | #3

    People gotta have dreams…but I thought the tire issue was settled already…now why do they gotta bring back that horse from the dead.

  4. | #4

    I have that cued up to blog about. I was thinking the same thing. I think they might have some issues. 500 hp, and rear wheel drive, they want to get near ZR1 numbers with a car with less horsepower,and more weight.

  5. biggins
    | #5

    Theyre not saying theyre going to beat the GTRs time from Nissan they say theyre going to run their own GTR and beat that time. In which case I ask why even bring a GTR at all? Just say you beat it, like porsche did. Maybe they need to bring the GTR for filming or photos.

  6. Choo_Cha
    | #6

    I can see where they are going with this. It’s because some magazine had published their personal run of the GTR around the ‘Ring at high 7 minutes. Automobilemag clocked the GTR at 7min 56s, and the Porsche Turbo at 7min 49s (in wet cond). Drivers Republic clocked the GTR at 7min55.9s and GT2 at 7min 49s. I think I read somewhere that the camaro SS did 8:20 around the ring, so I guess the Texans think that they can tweak the car a bit to lose some 30 seconds (equal a time of 7:50). So in the near future, we’ll see this camaro go up to the ring with a GTR and the times will be something like.. GTR: 7:56sec; Camaro: 7:50sec. But I think all of the 7:56sec of the GTR were achieved with a bias foot and a misunderstanding of the GTR’s technology. I think people have been trying to driving the GTR around the ‘Ring like a porsche. To get around the ‘Ring fast, you have to drive the GTR like a GTR.

  7. | #7

    ha I don’t think it’s gonna happen. i had to put this stuff on my blog too.

  8. matt
    | #8

    this car won’t even brake 8 mins at the ring

  9. bobby
    | #9

    they’re gonna need bumblebee’s help

  10. Dan
    | #10

    maybe if they got a GTR to tow it around the track, it’ll match the GTR’s time?

  11. GReddy
    | #11


    One thing for sure; it looks better than GTR.


  12. nathan
    | #12

    well maybe they will launch it to try to achieve the mystical “3.3 0 to 60” and blow the tranny like all the other GTRs lmao

  13. badtaste
    | #13

    Just tune it to todays Australia V8 super standards and it will win easily over the GTR. Check out this Ford Fiesta (LOL)

  14. Ernst
    | #14

    Hi Guys; the question is not what they smoking; the real question is how much they smoking? We see all the time the big mouth tuner of US muscle cars; they get on the course and whoops, they find out to drive faster than European or Japanese cars is not that easy. Driving straight is one thing, driving fast on the Nürbungring is another story. So wake up and don´t waste our time!!!

  15. Kissmy
    | #15

    Nissan GT-Rs are the ugliest sports car in the history.
    Big piece of shit…

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