Nissan GT-R Does 7:26.7 at the ‘Ring – The Video

July 6th, 2009

This hit my inbox today and seems to be the video of Nissan’s Chief Test Driver, Toshio Suzuki driving the Nissan GT-R to a 7:26.7 laptime at the Nurburgring.

Very nice, now we got that out of the way, let’s hear the SpecV time eh Nissan?

Thanks Adrian for the link.

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  1. NacaYoda
    | #1

    Seriously. Love or hate the GT-R, you gotta respect the balls on Toshio Suzuki. Something as trivial as a blowout could end in multiple rollovers and very likely death when travelling at these speeds. Consumer airbags might save you when you hit the first time, but we’re talking a street car here – no roll cages, any passenger would be devastatingly injured in this instance. Much respect.

  2. KB201
    | #2

    If Toshio had stopped at the actual starting point it probably would have been a 7:28 lap. Is that the actual stop point for all timed laps on the Nordschleife? I am totally stoke though that the GTR is still setting records or breaking them even if it is its own.

  3. | #3

    This is the standard testing method. It is forbidden to cross the start finish line at full speed at the ring as the anyone may be entering the track just afterwards. It is a public road after all.

    Hence this testing method is followed by all manufacturers and for all times published by Sport Auto magazine.

  4. Iceman
    | #4

    Me uploaded this video on youtube!
    Great staff, see and enjoy…

  5. ivan
    | #5

    A very potent car … and a kamikaze driver WOW !!!
    I would like to see the Porsche reaction .

  6. vspeciinur
    | #6

    …Here, here!! I totally agree! Pull your finger out Nissan and give us the SpecV ‘Ring laptime already! We’re fed up with all the waiting and bullsh*t excuses. The car’s well into production already and we’re yet to see any figures in black & white, least of all a vid… STILL!!!!!

    HURRY UP DAMMIT!!!!!!!

  7. | #7

    Thanks for that Iceman 🙂

  8. MrCin
    | #8

    Sorry, but the VDC is OFF. Warranty is VOID.

  9. John
    | #9

    According to the latest CAR magazine, Nissan will *never* release an official Spec V time on the ‘Ring. They want to leave it up to the public’s imagination. However they teased the interviewer by saying the Spec V was 2 seconds faster around the *short* track than a standard GTR. Certainly adds to the car’s mystique! Pretty clever, now no matter what Corvette or Porsche does, the GTR fans will always be able to say, well yeah, but the Spec V would do it faster! Hee hee…

  10. Jeff C
    | #10

    My feeling is Nissan don’t release the Spec V lap time is because it is not much faster, it would make the Spec V seems much less impressive.

  11. John
    | #11

    Oh, they also suggest in the CAR Magazine article that VDC was set in R mode during this run, and is not turned off. It would be interesting if someone could get Nissan to officially confirm this. That would pretty much end the VDC-warranty controversy. I guess if their record laptime was done without turning VDC off, then other owners shouldn’t have to turn theirs off when doing some high-performance driving, eh?

  12. Phil
    | #12

    John, look at around 3:50 in the vid, you can clearly see that the VDC is turned off.

  13. John
    | #13

    Thanks Phil – from the video it seems the left 2 switches are lit red and the 1 furthest to the right is not lit. Which one is the VDC?

  14. John
    | #14

    Just checked this, VDC is the one furthest to the right… so yes, it does look “off” on the video…

  15. ECR33
    | #15


  16. | #16

    Yes, Suzuki-san drives only with VDC turned off.

  17. matt
    | #17

    i think an even faster time could be achieved with a better driver, Suzuki is very jerky with his steering imputs and saws on the wheel a lot in this video. he also downshifts too early many times, bouncing the engine off the rev limiter which can upset the balance of the car in many of the high speed braking zones. smoother is always faster. a veteran sports car champion would be a much better choice imo, nissan needs to call Hans Stuch up to drive the GTR.

  18. 959 owner
    | #18

    @Matt, Suzuki is driving as if his life depended on it, this is the big factor of the timing discrepancy.

    Find another driver that will put his life further across the edge of safety. Suzuki is out to prove something that we cannot easily explain with words.

  19. John
    | #19

    @Matt… I heartily disagree with you. Yes, there may be a few drivers out there that could eek out another second or two, but Suzuki-san’s skills are top-notch. I am an experienced (although non-pro) track driver and I can tell you the things Suzuki-san is doing are quite incredible.

  20. 959 owner
    | #20

    @Matt, another thing to think about is his steering and corrections and even his apex entries and exits, the entire race line will be different due to the AWD nature of the GTR.

    btw, most of you know me as the GTR basher, but I recently drove one and I went over to the other side.
    I will keep my 959 though;)

  21. jose
    | #21


    the problem its is a nissan ,if is another car like same cars german italians .or americans and make this laps in nurbur nobody seems tho .
    comtest the laps.the things are diferent now the nex gtr ,is a super gtr is the 600lm.
    and then the 7.26 is history ,and remenber the nissan mid 45??in the 80 s?
    problaby the next super car is a model like new super lexus.
    if some domt like ists is problem i posches ferarris is the same cars ,and i tired tho see this cars.

  22. matt
    | #22

    @John – I am a pro sports car driver in the united states that happens to also own a GTR, and although I have never driven on the Nurburgring I can tell you that in this video many of the driving imputs are jerky, harsh, and against everything that is learned even at a young age when karting. There are many premature downshifts as well which is not conducive to a smooth braking zone. Smooth is fast, and this isn’t in many respects. It almost looks as if he is trying too hard to put a perfect lap together, which is very common when the pressure is on, especially on such a long track if you make a mistake early and feel like you need to make up for it. 99% of a qualifying lap is mental. While the lap is very fast in comparison to other super cars that have been on the ring, I still think that a much faster lap could be achieved with a smother lap, either by Suzuki himself, or a highly accomplished sports car driver. I’m not trying to start an argument here at all, just making an observation from many years of racing experience and ownership of the same car myself.

  23. | #23

    Good input Matt and I agree. Smooth is faster. Suzuki is not an amateur driver so I think something else is going on here.

  24. Dandan
    | #24

    Hi Guys,

    The GTR and a 911 were tested by a pro driver in an English car mag recently. The driver said something along the lines that, in comparison to the GTR the 911 asks more of the driver, encourages a better, smoother driving style. That would agree with what you guys are saying.

    There are however no smooth laps on the ring, not with a time attack anyway. Jackie Stewart said that he never did one lap where he was happy with every corner he took there.

    And with regard to smoother being faster. Jackie Stewart said the same thing in reference to Ayrton Senna’s driving style which included a fair amount of correction and throttle prodding. He looked ok to me though:)

    Being on the very edge of grip particularly on a road with no flat surfaces will involve rapid corrections to the wheel. In a GTR you can do that and get away with it. In my opinion, I think he is getting as much out of it as he can.

    I saw the GTR in Tokyo when it was first released and enjoyed a track drive in one recently. Great car and a great marketing campaign by NISSAN.

    I enjoyed reading the comments and it was fun browsing the site.

    Take it easy everyone. And drive carefully 😉

  25. matt
    | #25

    Just wanted to point out that I just recently watched the GM video of the ZR1 at the Nurburgring, driven by Jim Mero and I have to admit that he drives a 630bhp RWD corvette with much smoother hands and technique than Suzuki in the GTR, and pulls off a lap that is only few tenths quicker. The ZR1 is a much more difficult car to handle than the GTR. Take a look for yourselves, watch how smooth and steady his hands are when he feeds steering into the wheel, and even when the car oversteers his reactions to it are precise, but smooth (not abrupt and jerky like Suzuki’s are most of the time). If you compare the two drivers, even when Suzuki slightly turns in on very high speed corners, his hands saw back and forth quite a bit which is not the preferred technique if you are trying to achieve the fastest possible lap time. I think the GTR is capable of a few seconds faster in the right hands.

    ZR1 video:

  26. Dandan
    | #26

    Hi Matt,

    I agree with what you are saying. Mero’s lap is very smooth and I am sure the Vette would be much more difficult to drive. I was holding my breath a few times when the car was in the air.

    I think the key difference is the car not the driver. With the GTR you can make those adjustments and get away with it. The GTR is known to understeer a bit and with the 4 wheel drive I think he is chucking it on purpose. Thats just my opinion though.

    If you switched the drivers they would both adjust their style to suit.

    Thinking to go and watch the cars at the Ring later this year before I rent something a little less dangerous and give it a go myself. (slowly of course)

    Take it easy.

  27. Pete
    | #27

    His driving inputs do seem aggressive. Much more so than his other lap when he did 7.29. Look it up on youtube. When I first saw this lap I thought it was someone different, with a different “style” about them. But I think it’s more about him just trying to find the extra couple of tenths here and there.
    Also I couldn’t agree more with the comments about being committed at the ring in a car without a rollcage – finding a extra couple of seconds on this track (i’ve driven there in road cars and GT2,with a cage) requires massive confidence and ability. LOTS of respect for that

  28. v spec
    | #28

    hi everybody..
    i love gtr so much..

    btw.. i dont know.. but i guess this gtr in the video is the v spec version of gtr..
    because its rims was not the oem rims..

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