Nissan GT-R SpecV Turbos vs. Standard Turbos

June 4th, 2009

GT-R vs SpecV Turbo Comparison

When the price of SpecV parts were being made public via various Japanese media outlets many were firstly shocked that a SpecV badge could cost $1,500 and then intrigued why the SpecV‘s turbochargers were listed as a separate part with a higher cost.

Nowhere did Nissan mention that the turbochargers were different so why the cost?

Garage Saurus have had a SpecV in the workshop for a couple of weeks and couldn’t help themselves. They’ve pulled the exhaust off and taken photographs to compare.

What we see here is quite unexpected. A larger exhaust wheel combined with a totally different blade design. Add to that a what looks like a slightly larger volume exhaust opening. The SpecV’s turbo is actually a rather big improvement over the standard item then.

Garage Saurus have commented that this difference could mean we see a lot more horsepower without reaching the turbos limit from the SpecV versus a base model GT-R. Who’s game enough to do it though with a 16 million plus yen investment?

Link: Garage Saurus R35 GT-R Website

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  1. | #1

    Bigger exhaust wheel, means more power up top. I wonder what power the Spec V actually makes. Has anyone see a dyno stock, and maybe with a little more boost ?

  2. jj
    | #2

    @Sean Morris
    Also different aero on the blades, plus more blades means they should be a lot more responsive. woohoo

  3. Toni
    | #3

    I saw the gtr and the specv on a dynodynamics: 2010 gtr 530hp / 2010 specv 620hp! (stock with other downpipe) without the overboost

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