Nissan GT-R Nurburgring Record Beaten – 7:27.56 for Base Model

April 16th, 2009


The assault on the Nurburgring for 2009 has begun as promised. After just a few testing days Nissan Chief Test Driver Toshio Suzuki-san has managed to beat his previous best of 7:29 in a base model series II Nissan GT-R with a 7:27.56 lap. The car was standard except for being fitted with optional Nismo ClubSport package Rays 20″ forged aluminium wheels. Dunlop tires were fitted to the Rays wheels.

The laptime was set at 6.52pm on the 15th of April. Ambient temperature was 21 degrees C, track temp was 26 degrees and relative humidity was 25%. They’re back out again today trying to go faster again.

As promised, to keep everything above board, members of the press were in attendance as well as representatives from Porsche Stuttgart.

Why exactly they’re using this combination of wheels and tires we will hope to find out soon. We’re also chasing up some further imagery to show you. As for the photo you see above – it is not the car in question but is a SpecV Nissan GT-R being tested at the Nurburgring earlier this week.

Photo: Mark aus Moers

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  1. yuangs
    | #1

    Great News!Great Car!I Love Her!

  2. wsq
    | #2

    LEGENDARY! c’mon lets beat the zr1!

  3. Bendoe
    | #3


    I’m sure they can do even better!!

  4. | #4

    Isn’t that a picture of a Spec V though?

  5. norm mcaverage
    | #5


    Yes it is a picture of a Spec V. There are 3 GT-Rs sharing the track this week. This may just be a random pic from the event, not the actual ‘record’ lap.

  6. butch
    | #6

    this is really what Nissan needs to do, have a camera accompany them as they walk into a German Nissan dealer, take a GTR on the lot already, and then do the rounds of the ring.

    I love the GTR but i have to doubt the GTR they used is the same setup as the ones available at the dealer

  7. | #7

    @ Butch, what Nissan really needs to do is swing by and kidnap a Porsche exec and do the lap 😉

  8. norm mcaverage
    | #8


    Why does Nissan have to jump through hoops that other automakers don’t?

    Rediculous double-standard.

    Why do you doubt the GT-R they used is not a stock setup? This is totally within range of what a bone-stock GT-R is capable of:

  9. | #9

    Great news, we have reported on this on our site also (thanks to your quick and fresh news here) and I must say that this was expected by this car, in this setup it will do this everytime.

  10. butch
    | #10


    hey dont get me wrong, i love the GTR, more so than some owners actually lol,

    I would love for the GTR to have the fastest production car lap, so why would i want Nissan to jump through hoops? because it would end the speculation!

  11. wsq
    | #11

    stock or not, gtr has beaten the turbo, the gt2 and carrera gt at other venues so speculation is waffle and pointless.

  12. dr.d
    | #12

    Vspec is twice the price of stock gtr… thanx to ceramic brakes.. could done better.. hope the M spec coming soon will do so..

  13. Tom
    | #13

    @dr.d This was the base model not the specV…

  14. Zern
    | #14

    I think the fastest lap time thats going be recorded on the Nurburgring by a GTR would be by a MODIFIED GTR believe me. It doesn’t matter if it will be a Japanese or European or North American TUNER who is going to do this.

  15. mickey
    | #15

    of course a modified gtr will be faster, this is a test of production vehicles. You could make a modified r32 go faster round the ring but that’s not factory spec.

    Anyway good to see Porsche press were there just in case. And yeah if anyone wants to doubt lap times then everyone should doubt all the lap times. At the end of the day there are huge differences in such a long circuit with things like weather, traffic and the like it’s impossible to keep a level playindg field for everyone who does a lap there.

  16. vspeciinur
    | #16

    lets get a SpecV ‘Ring laptime first ay! Before we start talking about the laptimes of a model that isnt even in production yet. @dr.d

  17. | #17

    LE 24 NOVEMBRE GT5 PS3/ (ºº)

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