Nissan GT-R SpecV Models by HPI Coming Soon

April 4th, 2009


Following up their past special edition models, sources have leaked news that HPI will be producing a limited edition Nissan GT-R SpecV diecast 1/43rd scale in Ultimate Opal Black and Brilliant White colours in the coming months.

This compliments their existing plans to produce a Nismo Clubsport Package special edition GT-R model in the same 1/43rd scale die cast format.


If you’ve been holding out on getting a GT-R model car at all, this might be one to jump on. If history shows us anything it’s that this will sell out in a matter of days and they will not produce a second run. The Nismo Clubsport Package model is already pretty much sold out in pre-sales and will go up on auction sites for more than RRP soon after release.

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  1. yuangs
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    The rear wing seems too big for the scale. I don’t know why but this time neither HPI GT-R nor HPI Spec-V really made by scale. More or less they lack something…

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