Drivers Republic Talk to Simon Croft on the European GT-R SpecV at Geneva

March 12th, 2009

Drivers Republic attended the Geneva Motorshow recently to catch up with Simon Croft, European Marketing Manager for the Nissan GT-R, on the SpecV. They got to checkout the almost-production European specification SpecV and ask all the really tricky warranty type questions.

Good video, I sat through it to the end which is a change for me.

Link: Drivers Republic: Inside Geneva Nissan GT-R SpecV in Detail

PS. People behind firewalls (at work for example) may not get this video to work as it requires port 1935 to be open for the streaming video.

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  1. writeoff
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    Really interesting interview. Great work DR.

    It was great seeing the colour change as the camera man changed positions and angles.

    Still think I’d get a standard GTR and spend the extra $ on aftermarket modifications (Mines)…thereby voiding the warranty.

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