2009 Nissan GT-R Updated Official 0-60mph Time – Breaking News

February 24th, 2009

The Nissan GT-R is fast, no doubt about it. In a straight line and around a track but one metric that sticks in everyone’s mind is the 0-60mph time. It’s easy to understand and it’s easy to remember. One number for one test.

When the Nissan GT-R launched in 2007 and 2008 it set a new benchmark in performance in terms of bang for the buck. It’s official 3.5 second 0-60mph time was certainly in supercar territory.

Cut to this year when the MY2009 update (US MY2010) comes along offering increased horsepower, slight handling changes and revised software in the transmission control unit (TCM). These changes are now on sale in Japan and are being delivered to GT-Rs in the US and Australia shortly.

Back to the 0-60mph time, given the drastic change with how the car launches itself from a standstill installed in every MY09 GT-R it’s only fair to retest the 0-60mph, and that’s what the guys at the Nissan Tochigi Assembly plant have done.

On the 15th of February on the Nissan Tochigi plant test track, Nissan’s test driver clocked a 3.3 second 0-60mph run in a standard 2009 Nissan GT-R.

Utilising the new, more driveline friendly launch method, the GT-R was setup in R transmission, R suspension and R VDC modes. That’s right, VDC was on.

We’re told the official announcement will filter down through Nissan Japan shortly.

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    3.3? very nice. i have to get the update. was he in auto or manual when he got the 3.3?

  2. Admin
    | #2


    I should also find out the test driver’s name today. I believe it is Haruyama-san but I forgot to make a note of it and my memory is fuzzy now.

  3. yuangs
    | #3

    Great time!3.3s to 60mph.Does it mean 3.5s to 100kmh? So Nissan GT-R becomes a Supercar accelerate to 100kmh within 3.5s?

  4. Raul
    | #4

    Was that on stock tires or sticky?

  5. Admin
    | #5

    Standard everything.

  6. Goose
    | #6

    This car is insane.

  7. | #7

    Not my favorite vehicle, though I would be foolish to believe that this will not be a popular vehicle for the lovers of very fast and cool sports cars. I must add, though, I do like the straight color; the gray is stunning, as is the smooth lines of the whole vehicle! Hm maybe I do like the car after all!

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