TAS09: WALD Sports Line GT-R Shows Off Wildest GT-R Aero Styling Yet

January 21st, 2009

We’ve been following the build up of the WALD Sports Line Aero kit from concept through to final molds here on GTRBlog and regular readers will have been anticipating the final product for some time. Finally we knew it’d be at Tokyo AutoSalon so we were extremely excited to see it.

But… personally, I missed the WALD GT-R, even after several laps of Makuhari Messe I didn’t find it. Fortunately our great friends at GTR-World.net know a little more about “asking directions” than we do so we’re able to snap a load of great photos on our behalf (ありがとうございました!).

As you can see the WALD Sports Line “Black Bison” Edition styling masterpiece remains quite faithful to the concept rendering from back in September 2008. It features the following components:

  • Front Bumper Spoiler (Front Bumper/Front Lip/Grille Cover/Side Duct/Under Cover)
  • Side Step
  • Rear Diffuser
  • Trunk Spoiler
  • Rear Wing Element
  • Rear Over Fenders

The Black Bison is finished with a set of WALD P13F three piece aluminium 22 inch wheels, 9.5 inches wide at the front and 10.5 inches in the rear. HKS HiperMax III suspension gives it that lowered stance.

On the inside WALD has tricked out the interior with it’s red leather and suede treatment which carrys the Nissan Japanese market Black Edition theme to the centre console, handbrake boot steering wheel and gear knob. Carbon fibre touches accentuate the shifter surround, steering wheel and gauge surround.

Check out the rest of the photos after the jump below…

Link: WALD International Website
Link: WALD related articles on GTRBlog
Words: GTRBlog.com
Photos: GTR-World.net

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  1. GianTkilleR
    | #1

    Looks great, really like it. Still not sure about the foglamps but the rear fender
    lips have really grown on me-although I’d prefer them if they were colour coded. Nice interior aswell, tasteful and clean. Also an interesting finish they used on the front grille section, very impressive.

  2. Naca-Yoda
    | #2

    The thing that throws me the most about this car, is the mix of gloss and matte finishes. It looks very sketchy in photos… I’m left wondering if it looks better in person.

    Certainly whomever made the call on interior red accents should be shot. What a shame. I think it was a gamble that has failed.

    The carbon fibre (look) steering wheel is interesting, though to match the interior plastics a matte finish would have produced a better result (IMHO).

    Fog lights… jury is still out. Rear wing – looks like a disaster to me. Nice try with the wheels, but they fail too.

    Summary: If I was going for an exterior overhaul, just give me everything Zele offers. This is a bit of a breakfast.

    ps. Can someone give me a GT-R so I can apply some of these recommendations?

  3. Kev
    | #3

    Its growing on me, but I still think it would look better without the fog lights, they stick out too much for my liking.

    The add-on adds a nice touch to the stock wing, not overdone like some others. I like the rear diffuser too, it looks better without the reflectors though IMHO.

    But the interior is a total fail, overloaded with red. The OEM black edition red accent is nice. And what’s worst, the red doesn’t even match the OEM’s.

    If WALD is selling the parts separately, I wouldn’t mind getting the rear diffuser.

  4. jace
    | #4

    Disaster, absolute disaster.

    I agree 100% with Naca-Yoda that the Zele offerings are the best on the market at the moment….

  5. NitrousOxide
    | #5

    I think that car looks great as whole, apart from the missile-launcher-like fog lights.. The current problem with the car as far as I think is that the colors(body kit and car) are not looking good. If someone would paint them according to the car, it’ll look fantastic!! Best body kit on the market so far =)

  6. stewy_32
    | #6

    do not want!

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