TAS2009: Blitz R35 GT-R Goes Rear Wheel Drive, Manual Gearbox

January 9th, 2009

Tokyo AutoSalon is here today. One of the biggest surprises of the show for many is the Blitz Nissan GT-R. Blitz are developing the Nissan GT-R for the D1 drift series in Japan.

Speaking with a Blitz representative, Kawabata-san, today we have learnt that Blitz have a desire to have Nomuken drive this car in an upcoming D1 season. While they wont commit to a definite date, 2010 was not out of the question.

Blitz have not yet completed the car but the removal of a significant amount of AWD drivetrain has lightened the car considerably. The job’s not completed however so they cannot give a definitive answer on exactly how much.

New on the exterior of the Blitz GT-R for TAS09 is Blitz ZRR suspension, Blitz Carbon Infusion carbon hood, BRW09MAG forged magnesium wheels. The carbon hood is top quality looking item. When we asked if it was dry or wet carbon we were told it was a “carbon infusion”. We’ll have to translate the text on their explanation for exactly what that process means.

On the interior we see a custom carbon panel for the gear shifter, the gearbox is a Hollinger sequential unit so no need for a H-Pattern. The A/C is also removed and the controls replaced with a trio of Blitz gauges. The seats remain standard but perhaps a set of Bride seats will find there way to this car, Blitz said.

When asked about engine modifications, Blitz were confident that the standard motor with the full Blitz exhaust would be suitable for the development of the drift car and that no hard core power modifications are planned at this time.

Notice the three pedals in the photo below. This is a first for the R35 GT-R and something many people wanted to see. Dont forget to follow the jump to see the rest of the photos from the Blitz R35 GT-R.

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  1. lingeringsoul
    | #1

    If they get this working then, it could be a VERY profitable venture coz some people just want the feel of a normal simple 5 speed manual for gearbox

  2. | #2

    Im glad they finaly made good on the promis they made long ago. Looks great. To bad the manual will perform slower on the track, but will do wonders for drifting!

    I didnt know they were this far along, thanks for the update kris!

    I wish i could have gone to Japan. Things are hard tho.

  3. | #3

    No one is going to “want” a manual. They may say it, but when it comes down to paying for one, not going to happen. A stock GT-R transmission is expensive, the Holinger sequential is more. And thats without everything it takes to get it in.

    Rear wheel drive, and you lose the whole point of a GT-R. Then it might as well be a 350, or 370Z. Half the money, and more capable.

    Doesn’t make sense.

  4. NitrousOxide
    | #4

    Coudldnt agree more with SeanMorris. However, regarding the gearbox, many people would go for it,especially if it was a proper gearbox. I would be the very first one to have this gearbox if I was having a GT-R.. Maybe its gonna be slower, but its A LOT MORE FUN..

  5. STJ88
    | #5

    Why would this transmission be more fun? Its got a realclutch but no H-shifter!

  6. EvolutionVII
    | #6

    And your point in having a H-shifter over a sequential is?
    Sequential gearboxes are a heck of a lot faster to shift gears with and you still can do clutchkicking and hitting the revlimiter. You can’t drift AT cars, that’s like pulling the handbrake on your civic pretending to be DK.

  7. RB20TABI
    | #7

    This does seem like a some what pointless venture, does anyone know how far the hollinger gearbox sits towards the back of the car?? Reagardless of that though, you have to give Blitz credit for being the first to do this conversion and probably not the last!

  8. andylaurel
    | #8

    This GTR is built to compete in a motorsport series where cars must be rear wheel drive and clutched manual to be competitive. You may think it pointless to take out the go fast goodies, but then you would also think drifting is pointles.

  9. my penis
    | #9

    that is correct, my penis is extendable…it contains molecules that allow it to extended far greater and thicker than the average asain. yes guys i am nomuken the drifting guy. and i my friends, have an extendable penis. enjoy my car, make yourselfs at home.
    blitz sponsers my penis

  10. steve
    | #10

    ITS A DRIFT CAR, who cares if its not AWD and an Auto!!!!!!!!!

  11. Admin
    | #11

    Indeed. It is a drift car so none of that AWD/DCT goodness is needed. Why sacrifice a R35 for drift? Why not? It’s a nice stiff chassis already. Add the right suspension and strip out the weight and you have a big fat drift car that gets a lot of attention. Add a lot of skill and its going to look fantastic on the drift circuit.

    I got no problems with thinking outside the box.

  12. Rod Smith
    | #12

    My VN with no exhaust and locked diff is better than this junk.

  13. | #13

    Fair play there are some retard comments on this story!
    Its a drift car get over it.They obviously like the shape and styling of the body and want to stand out from the crowd which is what drifting is all about isnt it??????

  14. Ryan
    | #14

    Anyone who thinks a hollinger 6-speed is a cheap/simple swap into a GTR obviously doesn’t know what a hollinger box entails.

  15. tyler
    | #15

    finally. a GTR the way its supposed to be. POS paddle shifting/ auto tranny out of the way and a real one in its place. and don’t give me the faster shifting BS. 9/10 gtr’s are driven on the streets, and last time i checked you don’t need to shift in .2 seconds between red lights. flame away.

  16. | #16

    The “carbon infusion” bonnet means that it’s the stock one with carbon infused (stuck) over the top of it.
    This car will look amazing sideways with smoke pouring off its rear end.
    Go Blitz!

  17. | #17

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