Shadow Sports Debut GT-R Design

January 2nd, 2009

Shadow Sports Design, a brand built by legendary Japanese racing driver Masami Kageyama, has announced they will be displaying their GT-R at Tokyo AutoSalon 2009 wearing their latest design aero parts and exclusive Enkei wheels.

Included in the design seen here is a carbon front underspoiler with brake ducting, and a full carbon rear wing. One of the keys to this design is the Enkei forged magnesium ultra lightweight wheels. Each front wheel saves 2.05kg of unsprung weight while each rear reduces unsprung weight by 1.6kg. A significant saving indeed.

We’ll know more with hopefully some real photos in precisely one week from today!


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  1. | #1

    Those front ducts are tiny. Probably too small to be very effective. I like the idea.

  2. vrian
    | #2

    nice rims!

  3. GTRArtz
    | #3

    wow I like the clean look of the front , I don’t like the EVO style wing tho the OEM one looks nicer

  1. | #1
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