Garage Saurus Injector Upgrade Update

December 15th, 2008

Garage Saurus have been in the middle of this upgrade for a while now, finding a suitable injector upgrade isn’t as easy as it first looked. They’ve settled on a set of Bosch 680cc injectors which they plan to fit up soon. These are about 12% larger than standard Denso injectors. For a setup of 6x injectors expect to pay around the 80,000 yen mark.

This upgrade could signal the next round of power increases as a number of tuners who are maxing out the standard injectors on standard turbos grows daily.

The next round of power upgrades (high flow turbos anyone?) may need to be built on a solid foundation of fuel supply which hinges on injectors and fuel pump. We’ll find out shortly if the GT-Rs standard pump is capable of supplying 680cc injectors soon.

Link: Garage Saurus Home Page
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Garage Saurus

  1. | #1

    680 cc is only good for about 680 hp at the engine on a 6 cyliner assuming a safe BSFC and about 80% duty cycle.

    You can increase the pressure to the injector, and it will flow more fuel , however the pump starts to be the limiting factor.

  2. Admin
    | #2

    Indeed. I’m not entirely convinced 680cc will cut it perhaps their choices really were limited. I would go with some 800cc’s.

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