BBS Announce Two New Colour LM-ACQ Wheels for GT-R

November 23rd, 2008

Well if you didn’t get in on the BBS LM-DBK limited edition, it’s too late as the official word from BBS is that they’ve completely sold out the 100 sets they planned on making. If you are really set on the classic BBS LM look they have great news for you as they launch their BBS LM-ACQ range of wheels specifically for the Nissan GT-R R35. ACQ stands for Air Craft Quality and refers to the strength of the forged aluminium used creating these wheels.

Available again in 20×9.5″+40mm fronts and 20×10.5″+20mm rears BBS now feature two new colours. LM-ACQ DSK (Diamond Silver painted) and GP (Gold Face).

The price for the LM-ACQ DSK is 169,050 yen per front and 175,350 yen per rear wheel. The GP comes in at 175,350 yen front and 181,650 yen per rear. Expect these to be Japan only for now and come with a premium on top for international shipping.

Source: BBS Japan

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  1. writeoff
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    Yay. Now can they make the LM-ACQ GP in 18×10 +20 again so I can replace the 2 I damaged on my R32 GTR. Pretty please BBS.

  2. writeoff
    | #2

    Edit. Just checked the BBS Japan website and they do! Why was I told they were no longer made and haven’t found them in Australia?

  3. Admin
    | #3

    A lot of the time someone will tell you they don’t make them if it’s too much work to get a set and not enough in it for them. I suggest shopping around a bit more.

    Also BBS don’t necessarily take down wheels from their site when they’re no longer available.

  4. | #4

    Try getting them repaired. RB does a lot of BBS refinishing. Jeffs car I ran today has BBS on it. 18 x 10.

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