Edmunds: Nismo Clubsport GT-R First Drive

November 7th, 2008

A lucky few were recently invited to Sendai Highland Raceway in Japan recently to get a feel for the Nismo Clubsport version of the Nissan GT-R. Edmunds report goes into a lot of detail on the parts themselves but not a lot on the driving impressions.

I will be checking this out myself in a few weeks so I’ll give some of my own impressions when I return from Nismo Festival.

Link: Edmunds: First Drive Nismo GT-R

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  1. lindsey stolk
    | #1

    Hi I have been on google surfing the GTR web
    enjoying myself.What a feast the GTR is beating
    the pants of Porsche lambo you name it.I work at th
    the Toyota dealership in DeAar the GTR is the most
    awesome sportscar to ever hit the streets.My biggest
    dream was and still is to drive in a GTR from the
    old one to the Godzilla.Thanks for all the info
    Long lives the GTR bye all the other supercars

  2. Carlos
    | #2

    Nissan is on crack if they believe anyone is going to pay 56k for wheels, suspension, exhaust, and seats.

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