Vellano VSV Wheels – 22 Inches on “Zele” Orange

October 2nd, 2008

It seems Zele International started a trend when they went all out and painted their brand new Nissan GT-R Lamborghini Orange back in January 2008. This is now the third orange GT-R (second one is here) and this one even sports a set of Zele International side skirts and a Zele front lip.

To go with the paint and body kit the owners of this eye-catching GT-R have fitted up some big 22″ Vellano VSV two tone wheels.

Ok guys, don’t hold back. Give us your opinion on these wheels in the comments…

Link: Vellano Wheels

Parts / Manufacturers, Vellano

  1. Dave
    | #1

    No thanks… Please stop!

  2. hipovr38
    | #2

    WTF… this isnt the zele car right? i prefer stock wheels by far

  3. gtrlove
    | #3

    makes the brakes look small

  4. | #4


  5. Vrian
    | #5

    22″ is waay to big i think. its fine by 20″. larger rims will definitely hinder us to use better performance rubber and increase the weight isn’t it. oh, and pricey too 😛

  6. Kev
    | #6

    Just doesn’t look right on the GT-R. The wheel itself looks a bit too busy IMO. And 22″ really isn’t a good size for a performance car like that.

  7. Clay D
    | #7

    no,no,no The GT-R does not deserve to be punished with big bling wheels

  8. gtr- girl
    | #8

    no go on these… you cant even see the ‘brembo’ on the brakes… and they look so tiny… nope the stock ones are way better… better luck next time fellas…

  9. KB@01
    | #9

    It just goes to show that you can buy a sports car and nver really understand how to modify it with taste even though the car itself is fairly tastefull. 22’s on a gGTR are an absolute fail, especially those.

  10. RBNT
    | #10

    Jesus, thats a fail.

  11. StashXFutura
    | #11

    FYI both car no.2 and car no.3 are the same. The only thing is the owner swapped a new No plate from 24 to SJJ2Z. Belongs to a garage owner in Singapore.St powered.
    IMO the rims are too huge and they dun look good on the GTR. Prefer them to be on orginals. Cheers

  12. Everett
    | #12

    That wheel just looks nasty. Straight off of an SUV. Those who are going with a 20″, what a waste of money when you already have 20″ stock!

  13. Ben
    | #13

    Absolute shocker!! Epic fail!!!!!!!!11

  14. R33
    | #14


  15. Joe
    | #15

    GTR is so common in Spore. At least,this look is
    outstanding. Especially the rims. Fast and Furious

  16. R34_LOVER
    | #16

    Strongly agreed. Stock rim look so similiar to the
    Subaru STI hachback rim. Vellano give a new fierce
    look to the GTR.

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