GT-R Transformer Model Photographed

August 31st, 2008

Looks like the development of the new Nissan GT-R transformers toy is coming along nicely. These photos were taken at the Chara Hobby 2008 show which ran this weekend out at Makuhari Messe (the same venue as Tokyo Auto Salon!) in Chiba, Japan. Looking still very much pre-production I think Tomy Takara intend to put this model into production over the coming months.

Thanks to reader Guy101 for the tip! More photos after the jump.

GT-R Models and RC

  1. lingeringsoul
    | #1

    I’d SOOO buy that

  2. bernie mac
    | #2

    I so want one. how can i get my hands on one

    | #3

    HA! Nice.

    I want one!

  4. Van Zan
    | #4

    It will be made available by end of the year. Check your local hobby store..Btw it is Optimus Prime with a gtr body.. Another colour is Red.

  5. | #5

    this looks bad a$$. i’m getting one once it comes out. i have a feeling it wont be cheap but i’m still buying one!

  6. styline gtr
    | #6

    NO WAY!!!! DAMM Thats Awesome!

  7. Mikeado
    | #7


    I must have one of those!!

  8. Uncle Pickels
    | #8

    why dosent it look like godzilla?

    | #9

    daz so cool………………….i want one

  10. DriftKing18594
    | #10

    What’s it called? Godzillus Prime?

  11. Khon Set
    | #11

    How nice. Where can I buy that toy?

  12. | #12

    Oh my god!…Are they for sale already?

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