Garage Saurus Fit SaRD Sports Catalyzer

August 18th, 2008

The latest exhaust parts from SaRD are this emissions friendly but high flowing catalytic converter center pipe section for the Nissan GT-R. We’ve seen these go on sale at a number of global distributors over the past couple of weeks. Garage Saurus have gone ahead and fitted one to their white demo car. The same car we saw them create a pretty wild custom exhaust on about a week ago.

Link: SaRD Sports Catalyer

Garage Saurus, SARD

  1. Chris
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    Why do you delete comments?

    You find the pics at the Saurus blog:

  2. Admin
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    Yep. They’re from Saurus’ blog. Although you can’t link photos from Yahoo so they’re rehosted on my server.

    The reason we have to mark them is because a lot of sites were hotlinking images from GTRBlog’s server. This costs me bandwidth without a watermark noone can sees where the pics are hosted. Then I have no way to recover that viewer as a potential visitor.

    Originally I was fine with this but as hosting gets more and more expensive i’m less likely to host photos without marking them. I’d rather see someone view the whole blog rather than just one photo.

    If you do not like our policy then that’s fine, you are free to start your own blog where you pay to host the photos and not mark them. You can even do so for free over at and similar sites.

    If you decide to do this, I wish you good luck as it consumes many many hours of your day for next to no reward except for a sense of satisfaction and a nice email from a reader every now and then.

    Of course you will also run into those who know everything now and then…

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