HKS GT570 Kit for R35 GT-R

August 12th, 2008

Interesting development from HKS who have so far remained somewhat quiet on the R35 GT-R parts development. This is their upcoming GT570 kit, so named as it is designed to net 570 ps from your GT-R once installed and setup right.

The kit comes with the following from HKS:

  • HKS aluminium hard pipe kit for R35 GT-R
  • HKS silicon hose joiners
  • HKS wastegate actuators for standard R35 GT-R turbos
  • HKS Electronic Valve Controller (EVC) boost controller
  • HKS dump and front pipes (delete all catalytic converters)

Dyno charts and more photos after the jump!

Source: HKS via 2009 GTR Blog via SHH Pro Shop

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  1. gdzilla
    | #1

    this car is such a powerhouse…its sick!!

  2. Grave1
    | #2

    Sorry to be a pessimist, but I would have expected higher output goals from HKS – maybe I overestimated the potential for tuning from the VR38DETT.

    Has anyone else noticed the Stock R35 lap times around Tsukuba are still slower than the R34 Z-Tune.

  3. Bill
    | #3

    The R34 Z-tune is in a league of its own mate. The R35 is a full production car, the Z-tune was a one off (total of 20) nismo built.

  4. Admin
    | #4

    Ya. The Z-Tune is an animal but it goes to show how good the R35 is when it can even get close to the Z-Tune at Tsukuba.

    This kit amounts to little more than exhaust mods and a boost controller/wastegate actuator. 570ps is a decent result.

  5. | #5

    For those like me in Hong Kong, you can check this kit at Top Racing. Me and my friend quite enjoy it.

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