Corvette ZR-1 Stirs the Pot – Comes Close to GT-R V-Spec Time Around Nurburgring

June 27th, 2008

Far be it for us to discount just how good the new Corvetter ZR-1 is. Even if it does look a bit silly with some kind of bonnet window (to keep an eye on your oil leaks?) and is made of recycled Pepsi bottles. It certainly can lap Nurburgring fast that’s for damn sure as today GM have announced they’ve managed a 7 minute 26 lap of the ‘Ring. Congratulations to those folk and I hope they keep at it and bring the time down even further.

It’s beginning to be extremely clear that you no longer need $250,000 to drive insanely fast and that $100,000 or even $70,000 will cut it these days.

Source: Autoblog

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  1. gtrhater
    | #1

    ZR1 is sick

  2. advan
    | #2

    fierce looking car but IMO, the corvette will defintely beat the V-spec, only because of the 620hp its packing. Nonetheless, good for GM.

  3. yuangs
    | #3

    ZR-1 surely can’t touch Spec-V timezone. Because the journalist has already time the Spec-V for 7’24”. And that’s not a serious time for Spec-V. So as so far Spec-V has won the lapking of Nur…

  4. gtrhater
    | #4

    Incorrect yuangs. GTR V spak times were observed BY BYSTANDANDRES which don’t mean anything really. Wait for official times then talk but for now its ZR1 FTMFW

    BTW Chris youre post was a bit imature

  5. big matt
    | #5

    i checked, and found that the ZR1’s time beat the Spec-V’s time by 3 tenths of a second. the spec-v is getting closer to the zr1’s time, not the other way around.

  6. | #6

    Interesting because the SpecV is not published yet so this supercars website must be some kind of internet crystal ball?

  7. | #7

    I heard that the new Corvetter ZR-1 is faster than other cars but I still don’t like it’s design.

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