Nissan GT-R 7:29 Nurburgring Lap in High Quality

June 10th, 2008

Well we’ve received the DVD of the Nissan GT-R 7:29.03 Nurburgring lap now and I’ve had a go at uploading it online. This video contains a lot of preamble at the begining that might be interesting to you. Note at the start where they just set a 7:29.93 and aren’t too excited about it.

There is also a little celebration at the end where I figure Suzuki-san is pretty happy with the time. Happy enough to move onto the V-Spec anyway.

Anyway this video also shows the exhaust noise from inside the cabin. Previous 7:29 videos have either had the mic mounted elsewhere or been run through some kind of filter to louden the noise but this is straight off the camera’s mic.

Let me know if you can suggest a better host for quality reasons but I felt this was pretty decent.

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  1. gtrhater
    | #1

    I know what happened here. They took all the calculations of the track and the programmed the car to drive exactly on the most efficient speed throughout all corners and driver was just there for the presence of it. So that explains the unrealistic times. It was set by a robot!

  2. advan
    | #2

    Such amazing people. They work hard and have fun as well. Its no wonder they made such a great car

  3. gtrlover
    | #3

    gtrhater, what car do you drive? ;-))))

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