R35 GT-R Brake Kits for Legacy Skyline GT-Rs

June 5th, 2008

Want those massive 380mm Brembo’s but can’t afford the whole Nissan GT-R? Need something to do when you’ve replaced your R35’s brakes with Endless racing calipers? One Japanese workshop has produced an adapter bracket to enable you to bolt the 6 pot front Brembo’s from the R35 onto any R32, R33 or R34 GT-R with big enough wheels to fit. TE37’s and LMGT4’s in 18″ or larger are known to fit for example.

Well it’s one way to get a load of stopping power…

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  1. Jais
    | #1

    I’ll think about doing that to my r32 too!

  2. Sam
    | #2

    OMG, I WANT for my R33!

    Good thing I’ve already got the 18″ TE37s, those discs are huge!!

  3. | #3

    What is the name of the Japanese workshop? Ive bought R35 Brakes for my R34.. any info appreciated.

  4. Admin
    | #4

    Endless-Racing made these brackets.

  5. | #5

    Hey Kris, Ive just been informed by Endless that they do not fabricate such a bracket, and that they only make their own Endless Calipers & rotors, noting compatible to Brembo..

  6. Admin
    | #6

    Endless is not the same company as Endless-R sorry for the confusion. Endless is a big brake manufacturer while Endless-R is a smaller Japanese operation.

  7. | #7

    I cant find the maker of these bracket. Can some one help me? I really want this for my R34 GT-R

  8. Adam
    | #8

    Hi I’m looking to put this kit on my 34 Gtr too.

    So can someone pls pls help me with the the adaptor bracket
    and what modifications will be needed to put them on

  9. | #9

    Dude i found it here http://www.greenline.jp
    Klick product list and then Endless-R and handling.

    The Bracket kit alone by Endless is ($970 USD) 87,318 JPY at Greenline.jp right now, for Brackets and Bolts – FUCKING INSANE…..and I don’t think this is for all 4 corners, 2 only.

    Then, ofcourse, add the cost of the R35 Brakes on top of that.

    But it fits R23, R33 and R34.

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